I love these.
If they don't work, put a 1 in front. ^-^
Bin Laden's Last Seconds on Earth: 401-285-8624
The Dial-In Hunger Games: 704-970-1836
Psychiatric Hotline: 973-409-3277
Dial-A-Toilet: 267-436-5131
April Fools Day Assistance Hotline: 413-497-0033
Fat Tony: 215-475-5065
Hogwarts: 267-436-5109
Spanish In 60 Seconds: 772-257-4358
The Annoying Caller Hotline: 772-257-4887
The Hunger Games: 704-970-1836
Walmart: 267-436-5022
Yo Mama: 973-409-3369
Rebecca Roll: 781-452-2079
Sh*t on you!: 202-629-9215

~ (:

If you want to be apart of a tip account, click hurr 
--> http://www.polyvore.com/auditions/set?id=53553718

well apparently i was told i got this idea from her. -_-
so here's my 'so called' credit to call-me-kate from the tip-jar.

Happy now? -_- ^
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