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mon, 2nd – winter pep rally
hope you guys had a great vacation! to make things easier today, the school scheduled our winter pep rally. so muster up some school spirit and cheer on as the principal presents each member from the winter sports teams (basketball, hockey, etc.) and as the cheerleaders do a couple of numbers. (p.s. our school team is the bears and our colors are black, red, and white)


Shuffle // Bombay Bicycle Club


(This story picks up where @wakeupfarah left off:


“Well that was fun,” Ethan announced as we watched Cassie Moore and the rest of the cheer-squad zombies shuffle into the gym for the pep rally.

“Super fun,” Matt chuckled. “Maybe we should take her advice and ditch the pep rally in favor of contemplating triangles.”

“Anything instead of watching sub-par cheer moves set to poorly remixed pop songs,” I agreed. What? I like Bring It On. Ironically of course. And I only saw it in the first place because it had Kirsten Dunst in it. But still. I knew sub-par cheer moves when I saw them.

“Who’s up for burgers at Obie’s?” Ethan asked, throwing an arm around my shoulders.

“Definitely me,” Riley agreed. 

Matt, Danny, Adam, and Bailey quickly followed suit and a few minutes later we were headed away from the crowded gym and towards the parking lot, impervious to Ms. Dyers, one of the school’s math teachers, who was calling after us.


“And then she-“ Matt was saying as we slid into our usual booth at Obie’s. On the car ride over, he’d been telling us all about his New Year’s Eve with the sophomore he’d met at my party.

Riley, who was sitting across from him, held up her hand. 

“Please, Matt,” she said, “Stop there. I don’t want to hear anymore about your sexcapades with that poor girl.”

Matt smiled, “Your loss. That girl was brilliant. I mean, the way she… right. No more sexcapade stories. But I think I’m in love.”

Just then, Ethan’s phone beeped. He twisted his body slightly to get it out of his back pocket.

“It’s from Jenna,” he announced.

“Big surprise,” Matt said, rolling his eyes. Bailey elbowed him.

“She’s at the pep rally and wants to know why I’m not there,” Ethan explained.

“Tell her you’re eating Nutella and contemplating triangles,” I told him.

Danny shrugged, “Just tell her you ditched and you’re at Obie’s with us.”

“Yeah I’m sure it won’t kill her to let you out of her iron grasp for a few hours,” Matt added. It was no secret he wasn’t the biggest fan of Jenna.

But before Ethan got a chance to decide what to text her, his phone rang.

“It’s her isn’t it?” Matt asked.

Ethan nodded and answered the call, sliding out of the booth as he did so.

“Hey Jenna,” he said, holding his phone between his chin and shoulder as he slipped into his coat. “Yeah, no we left. Sorry. It’s just-“

My eyes followed Ethan as he headed through the door of Obie’s Pink Ladies and out into the cold Minnesota air.

“I don’t know what he sees in her,” Matt announced as we watched Ethan through the window. He paced back and forth and appeared to be arguing with Jenna.

I shrugged. “Most of the time she’s pretty nice. And she has nice hair.”

Everyone looked at me with a funny sort of look on their faces and I suddenly felt really awkward.

But at that moment, Ethan walked back in, came up to our table, and, with an exasperated sigh, announced, “I’m gonna go get her. I’ll be back soon- don’t wait to order. Sorry.” 


When he got back, Jenna in tow, we were halfway through our burgers.

“Hey guys,” he said, sitting next to me. Jenna sat on his other side.

“So how was the pep rally, Jenna?” Matt asked her coldly.

“Really good, actually,” she shot back. “You guys missed out.”

“Oh well,” Matt said sarcastically. 

Suddenly, the bells on Obie’s doors jingled and in walked Hunter and a few of his friends, including Freddie Matthews and Cassie Moore.

“This should be fun,” Bailey said under her breath. She, Riley, and I all made eye contact.

Adam looked at us all. “What was that?” he asked, referring to the look we’d just exchanged, “You three know something we don’t?”

I bit my lip. Truth was we did. Because we all knew that Freddie and I had made out at the New Year’s party. I didn’t know how many other people knew- I’m guessing not that many people had noticed it that night since people were either too busy with their own midnight kisses or were too wasted to have remembered- and judging from the look Freddie shot me as he walked through the door, the number was just four- Freddie, Me, Bailey, and Riley.

“Nope, nothing,” Riley lied. “Merely commenting on how much we love the group of people that just walked in.”

Adam didn’t look like he believed her, but he dropped it anyway.


The rest of the meal went by pretty uneventfully. A few less than friendly glances were exchanged between our table and Hunter’s, but otherwise nothing.

Afterwards, all of us- minus Jenna who had ditched us as soon as her friends had showed up at Obie’s which, you know, wasn’t hypocritical at all- piled into Ethan’s car to head back to school, where people had left their cars.

When we got there, we said our goodbyes and got into our respective cars- Ethan and I back into the 1963 Impala he’d painstakingly restored last summer, Adam and Bailey into the secondhand Prius they shared, Bailey into her vintage Volkswagen beetle, and Riley, Matt, and Danny- who all lived in the same neighborhood and, though they each had their own cars, carpooled everywhere- into Riley’s beat up Jeep.

“Sorry about the Jenna thing earlier,” Ethan said as he started the car.

I shrugged, “Whatever. It’s been, like, three months- we’re sort of used to it at this point.”

Ethan sighed, “Yeah…”

I reached for the radio and tuned it to the only semi-decent station in the area.

“She’s a great girl though,” he said, sounding more like he was trying to convince himself than me.

I nodded.


“Word on the street is that you and your friends ditched the pep rally today,” Dad said at dinner that night.

I looked at Hunter, but he held up his hands as if to say, ‘It wasn’t me.’

“Oops,” I told my dad with a slight shrug. Funny, he’d heard I ditched the pep rally and yet he was oblivious to the fact that Hunter and I had thrown a party Saturday night that most of the teenage population of Green Isle and the surrounding areas was still recovering from two days later. Father of the fucking year.

“Oops?” he asked, “Oops? Do you want NYU to retract your acceptance?”

“Peter, it was just a pep rally,” Elizabeth, my step-mom, said, “I don’t think NYU is going to take back their offer.”

I liked Elizabeth. It was too bad she’d brought Hunter along with her when she moved in, though he only lived here half the time- he switched between here and his dad’s place across town.

“Still,” Dad said, “I don’t want to hear of you ditching again, Morgan. Hear me?”

“I think so,” I replied, “I can ditch all I want just as long as I make sure you don’t hear about it. I can do that.”

He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it, smiling and shaking his head instead.

“So how was the pep rally, Hunter?” Elizabeth asked.

He shrugged, “Oh you know- sub-par cheer moves set to poorly remixed pop songs. The usual.”

I nearly choked on the water I’d been drinking.


“What? I like Bring It On. Ironically of course. And I only saw it in the first place because it had Kirsten Dunst in it.”

Did I really just type that? Oh Morgan... you pretentious hipster, you. ∆∆∆

Haha. Anyway, happy 2012 to everyone. Hope it’s been a good few days.

Not much happened in this story, but I wanted to give you guys (all two, maybe three of you who are reading haha) a bit more insight into the characters and how they interact with each other…

In other news, not to toot my own horn or anything, I sort of fucking love that outfit. And I think I can sort of recreate it (though, admittedly, in a less amazingly fantastic sort of way). Woot, etc.

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