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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23: Let's all go to the water tower tonight for a fun game of 'I Never'. Make sure you bring the alcohol, 'cause what's fun about 'I Never' without the drinks?

"Ooookay. So you go skinny dipping one night and the other you climb on a water tower, get drunk and play 'I Never'. Okaay. I see. Not reckless at all. You are all behaving like mature adults", I was babbling around, sarcasm dripping from my voice. 
"Ooh, come on! Don't go all Ms Prude on me, Kramer! I'm sure you are loving it", protested Serena.
I grinned. "True story, lovely."
She grinned back at me and drove the car to the water tower. Kind, sweet – who are we kidding – Serena had offered to pick me up and drive to the place with me, since I was new and everything. Yesterday had gone quite perfectly except for the end but that had turned out okay too. I already had made plans with Jolie, who I would meet tomorrow. It was good knowing that someone else was new and also a bit intimidated. Even though I didn't exactly admit it and tried to play it off, I was scared as hell. These were people who knew each other their whole life long. And I just appeared one day and tried to become a part of it. It was tough and scary and shit, but luckily enough I had met quite a few nice people around here. And even though I didn't admit it either, I felt really good here. I was enjoying the fact, that there was constantly something to do, they were like this huge, big, tight family. Oh, I was getting melodramatic. 
"So, what's this whole deal with you and loverboy?", I asked casually.
She turned her head around to look at me, then she focused on the road. "What loverboy?"
"Oh, spare me. Adam XYZ?"
"How did you find out?"
"Gossip Girl stands no competition to the folk here."
"Nothing's between us."
"Are you fine with that?"
"I guess?"
"Oh. Really?"
"Okay, not exactly. But I don't really want to talk about it. He's off limits."
"Nothing's off limits. Especially not in that getup."
She grinned. "Like it?"
"Totally digging it."
I laughed. "Totally straight, don't worry about it, lovely."
"Saaad. Some girl-on-girl action never hurt anyone."
I stared at her and she simply laughed. "We're heeere."
Wow. I stepped out of the car and looked at the tower. "Pretty thing."
"Yeah?" She linked arms with me and I followed her to the tower, where I immediately lost her in the whole mess. I climbed up and looked around for a familiar face. 
"ALI!", I heard Jolie's voice. I turned around and hugged her. 
"Thank Goood!", I gasped. 
"I know. Will they stop behaving like soulmates?"
"Ugh. It's cute. For them. To me it's frustrating."
"Same here, sister."
"How are you?"
"Fine, a little bit of a hangover, but fine."
I chuckled and led her to the circle where everyone was already gathered. I sat down next to Ava, next to me Jolie.
"Heey", I greeted her.
"Heey! You made it"
"Yeah, I promised, right?"
"Good girl. Can't wait until you show the dirt.", she smirked.
I grinned. Oh, boy oh boy. If she knew about the dirt. If she only knew.
"Okay, who wants to go first?" Alaska asked.
"I will", I said quickly. "I never had se.x with someone in Tee Hill", I lied without even blinking. This was getting second nature to me. Lying was the only way of somehow getting through this and I was going to get through this. I had no intentions of showing the real me, I was perfectly okay with the double life. Just like Hanni Montanni.
A few minutes later nearly everyone was drunk except me. This was really one hell of a tigh knitted group. 
"Mr Mystery is here again", I heard Jolie whisper.
Oh, crap. What Mr Mystery? There were two. Good and Evil. Shit and Perfume. Whatthehell? Ugh. Maaybe. Maaaybe I was a bit drunk. I grinned and looked up. Immediately, our eyes locked again and I had to shiver.
Shit. It really was him.

"I hate you. Just so you know", I muttered. She simply grinned at me and led me into the pub. 
"Okay, where first?"
"Home", I replied bitterly.
"Fuck off. Baaar." I shrugged. Okay, Bar sounded okay. I would only survive this under the influence of heavy alcohol anyways.
"Okay. Listen to me and focus. I want the strongest drink you have. I want to get wasted. One sip and I wanna see stars. Understand me?"
He nodded but I wasn't convinced. "You don't look like you understand."
"Wait for it."
I sighed. Did I have another option? Run and escape. But that wasn't exactly an option, she had a way of being really, really clingy when she wanted something. And she wanted this.
"You have to see him. He's incredible! He's hot and gorgeous and ugh, so intense."
"Uhu", I replied, slightly distracted. I was looking for anyone I knew or anyone I could get drunk with. This was going to kill me. Either that or I was going to kill her. Both options wouldn't end pretty.
"OHMYGOD! Here he is! Shit, how do I look?"
"Mh? Brilliant, mon chérie. You look terrific", I replied, still distracted. I knew her taste in men. It was disgusting. Usually they ended up being either openly gay or somehow perverted criminals. I was so not excited.
"GOD. He's … Fuck, Ali, are you looking?"
"Of course." Of course not.
And then I heard him. 
An intense voice that simply took my breath away and gave me goose bumps. "Fuck", I mumbled. I was scared of moving, scared of destroying anything of this. But then I moved, very slowly, very cautiously and looked at the stage. 
Oh my God.
He was so gorgeous. But it wasn't just that. He seemed totally in his own world, like nothing around him was affecting him. He was … it was so intense. He was focused and yet so relaxed. Like it was totally normal, like it was his thing, to just stand on a stage, alone, in jeans and a white T-shirt, his acoustic guitar with him and that's it. No chair, no other people, just him. And it was enough. The pub that had been full of people and noises a few minutes ago was silent in a scary way. Everyone was captivated by him, everyone including me.
Something about him just took my breath away.

"Do you know him?"
"You could say that."
I turned my head to see Jolie. "I kind of … stalked him?"
Her eyes widened. "Whoa. What? How? Why? Give me the deets!"
"My friend dragged me to the pub where he performs. I wasn't into it at all but then he was on and he just took my breath away and I couldn't let go. I went to that pub every day to hear him perform."
"Oh. Is he this good?"
"This good? He's out of this world."
"Did you only go to hear his music?"
"Ooh. So that's it."
"I don't like him. I haven't talked to him. Ever. He doesn't even know I exist. I'm sure about that. But the way he played the music, the way he expressed himself … it was out of this world."
"Yeah. You sure don't like him."
"Shut up."
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