SATURDAY, DECEMBER 25TH-SUNDAY, DECEMBER 26TH: Ruby is hosting a big (holiday) party at her house. AN AFTER CHRISTMAS PARTY. The family has gone back to wherever they visited from, the presents have a already been distributed, and the carolers have final stopped singing their annoying little tunes. Now it is time to party hard and get so drunk that you wake up in 2011!! The happy little family Christmas parties are done and it is time to really go crazy and celebrate this time of year in fashion.


Marcus and I decided to skip all of the Christmas parties and even the after-Christmas party at Ruby's. We wanted to have a nice, quiet Christmas with the twins and Marcus's parents.

Olivia and Thomas decided to spend Christmas in Paris with Serena. So that left Marcus's parents alone, so we invited them over.

"Merry Christmas", I cooed to Emma and Matt.

Emma smiled at me adorably. I gasped. That was her first smile. "Marcus, she smiled!" I called to Marcus.

"Here's the baby book", he laughed bringing it over to me without me even asking.

"You know me all too well", I kissed him.

The two baby books are two of my favorite gifts, both from Olivia and Thomas. Oli obviously picked them out since Thomas has zero shopping abilities. 

After I logged in Emma's first smile, I pulled out my phone to call Oli&T.

"Hello", someone answered groggily.

"Please don't tell me you just woke up. You're so lazy", I rolled my eyes once I heard Thomas's voice.

"So you called me all the way in Paris to yell at me for sleeping until noon", he asked, still with having the hoarse, tired voice.

"Nooo", I laughed. "I called to wish you and Oli a merry Christmas".

"Same to you, A. How is my favorite niece and my favorite nephew doing?" He asked.

"Absolutely amazing", I squealed. "Emma had her first smile".

"I'm sure Olivia will be happy to hear about that. I'd put her on the phone but she went out shopping with Serena". 

"Of course, what else would they do on Christmas", I laughed.

"Exactly", Thomas smiled. "Well, I should get off now considering the amount of money this phone call is costing".

"Sorry, sorry. Come home soon. The twins want to see their uncle!" I grinned. "Have a nice Christmas".

"You too".

xx Ava

{really bad set, sorry. i got no sleep last night.}
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