name; albus severus potter
age; fifteen
parents; hp & gwp
house; gryffindor
wand; 12 in, hawthorne, phoenix feather
pet {optional} ; snowy owl named iggy
personality; pessimistic, hard-working, introverted, dry-humored, a bit violent, secretly depressed
blood type; halfblood
a mini biography; albus was always the type of kid who didn't want much attention. he was always nervous and always wanting to do the right thing. and none of this changed upon his first departure to hogwarts. even when he was being sorted, he knew his brother would make fun of him if he wasn't put in gryffindor. and he thought his parents would be ashamed of him, so he asked the sorting hat to place him there, a place he wanted to belong. the sorting hat obliged, though it felt albus was a worthy slytherin. as the years went by, these reasons became apparent. albus became violent, getting into fights when being picked on, punching things when angry, throwing things. his temper became worse and worse over the years, though, in his head, he still felt the desire to please those important to him. his brother, his parents, his older cousins. albus just wants them all to think highly of him and respect him.
short story; {2-3 paragraphs}
model; the lermanator
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