My name is Chloe and i'm turning 16 in six days. I'm a student in year eleven, and I live in South Wales. I have one sibling - a sister named Rachel. My best friends are Emily, Emily, Rhiannon and Sorcha [ @summer23134 ] . Umm, a secret about me is that, i'm petrified of the future like what if i'm a failure. the future is daunting. 

I'm p/ssed right now - so here's this shxtty thing. no tags.
i'm kinda p/ssed at people right now. eurgh.
f//uck my life.

[no tags. i feel as though half of you don't give a f//ck and don't even look at the sets i tag you in

should i just leave. i feel like people don't f//cking appreciate me here or anywhere.
why did my day turn to s//hit. 
f//ck my life.

it's just i feel like i'm so many people and i don't know which is the real me. I adapt to suit people and i shouldn't do that. i should be me. not some version or carbon copy.

can someone just pm me.
i really need to talk.

this perfectly describes what i mean //
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