Oh, I love nerdy phone cases! ;P anyways, I'm kinda going to talk for a bit so if you don't want to read it get out while you still can. :P Hehe! joke. :) 

yesterday my sister was not feeling well and my mum wanted someone to stay down stairs with her, so I did and now I'm all sick and stuff, I threw up earlier, but I'm starting to fell better, but I'm also going through my period so trowing up and cramps do not go well together and I hate it...... :( 

My taglist!!!!! xD ♥
@nicciclark-suupernerd Gawsh, I just luv you gurl!! xp 
@clotheshorse1 Ohhhhhhh jellly baaabbbby!! ;) 
@icyblupop Aloha, aloha @girlspark bubby. xp x)
@beautiful-wooly-goat-things Hai dere, whatch ya up to? :) 
@tophat-95 U r so shamazing, sometimes I don't know what to say! xp
@beachgurl77 Hahahahaha!!!! Love ya sweet! :D 
@stylebymeghan :) Heellooooo? :D
@flowery-fashionista Ohhh, you are awesome, I want you to know that gurl!! xp 
@hungergamestintin1d xD Hello? hello? How ya? :P :D 
@fashion-trendie You have amazing sets girl!! :D I love them, you are fantastically talented! :D 
@padfoot4ever you are like my best rp buddeh. cx
@azrielazazel Love ya girl, cake pops all around. xD
@kaitlynn-sherlockian-whovian I'm so happy to be an adpouted aunt!! xD 
@oodlesofpoppies Hey gal? How ya? :D :D
@grace-malik Hello lovely darling!! xD 

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Wrote two years ago
Thanks love!

Wrote two years ago

Wrote three years ago
Thanks sweet! ♥ ♥
Hmm...that sounds really good actually. :D but I don't want to get sick of it. :p

Wrote three years ago
wow awesome set!
you should watch The Hobbit over and over again till you get better c:


I ❤ Television

I ❤ Television

A group to share sets about our favorite TV shows and characters!
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Polyvore Support Group

Polyvore Support Group

This group is for everyone on polyvore, no matter if your a comment or high-fashion rper, or a fashion set maker, tip girl, text set maker, writer everyone has probably had drama with someone else on this website at one point or another and I made this group because I feel like the drama on here has become too much. I've decided that we need to make a group for people to have support from different polyvore members. Everyone has something going on in their life whether it be polyvore drama or real life drama and sometimes it's just good to find someone to talk to about it.
when you join this group you agree to:
1. Not make sets hating on anyone in the group or anyone on polyvore at all.
2. Standing up for people if you see a hate set
3. Having anyone in the group pm you if they just need someone to talk to about something going on in their life.
Auditions (everyone is accepted of course but I thought this might be a good way to get to know each other better:))

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