Sup, gang!
You know, I put the numbers before my title,
( ex. O4. horror movies 2012 )
I do it to count my sets, and how many I make. So in the future, I can look back on it. I am counting MY sets, not anybody else's.

So I don't know why someone is deleting my numbers. How would you like it if I deleted some stuff in your set? Hm? You make your sets, I'll make mine.

The person who edits my sets is probably the same person who saved A crap load of Selena Gomez items. 

Lol, she has nothing to do with Halloween, or Fall. JS.


Let's get started on the tip, shall we? Well, this isn't really a tip, more like some movies I think y'all should watch out for!
Yes, I'm from Texas. have y'all noticed..?

O1) 7500 // 2013
O2) The Evil Dead // 2013
O3) Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral // 2013
O4) Playback // 2012
O5) Texas Chainsaw Massacre // 2013
O6) Airborne // 2012
O7) House At The End of the Street // 2012
O8) Sinister // 2012
O9) Smiley // 2012
1O) The Apparition // 2012
11) The Pact // 2012
12) Silent Hill: Revelation 3D // 2012
13) Carrie ( remake ) // 2013
14) The Strangers 2 // TBA
15) The Collection 2 // 2012
16) Possible Cloverfield Sequel // TBA
17) The App Killer // 2013

There you go! Not that many, but I tried to give as many as possible that were actually announced. All of the titles were found on IMDB so you can look them up there for a description and trailers and such. (:

Thanks gang!
Bye y'all (:

sincerely, Isabella ♡

p.s I have a bad temper. Don't worry, it only shows sometimes.

p.p.s I don't particularly "fancy" miss Gomez.. ;o

My next tip;
How to make the perfect Pumpkin Pie!

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