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Good Study Habits(:
- Since school is starting up again, I just thought I’d put these out there(: I use these in high school & so far, they’ve helped me get really high grades. Hopefully they work for you guys as well!! :D

♥ Taking Notes;
Taking notes during class is VERY important whether or not your teacher tells you to. Along with your everyday school supplies, make sure you come to class prepared with:
» Binder Paper
» Two-Pocket Folder [ in case you need to place loose papers somewhere where they won’t get lost ]
» Pen/ pencil

» Listen carefully during class discussions and/ or lectures and jot down the things that seem important to you. Paraphrase! Meaning, you don’t need to copy what the teacher says word-for-word, but try to be as clear & concise as possible(:
» Make sure to PUT A DATE and TITLE on your notes so it’ll be easier to find information later on when you may need it. For example, if you’re in history class & the topic is about World War II, try to make your title a little bit more specific. You may be covering WWII for several days & therefore you’d have many pages of notes on that topic. Something like “WWII: Pearl Harbor Attack” would work perfectly as a “specific” title.

Helpful Hints;;
*In math class, you can even add diagrams or examples for topics you may not remember very easily. These are very helpful when studying for tests and quizzes since they refresh your memory on things you covered in class.
*If a teacher writes something on the board, WRITE IT DOWN.

♥ Reading Novels/ Books;
So here are a few great tips that come in handy [ especially in classes such as English ].
» If you are reading from a book you are allowed to write on, HAVE A HIGHLIGHTER & PEN/ PENCIL NEARBY. Highlight the quotes that you find important or have a symbolic meaning. Jot down any thoughts that may come to mind about specific things you read. Especially in high school, this saves TONS of time when studying for tests/ quizzes/ finals since you’d just be looking over the important quotes & not have to go over the entire book. However, make sure you are allowed to make marks in the book!
» Do not use Sparknotes/ Cliffnotes/ Wikipedia as your sole reading material. Make sure you actually *read the book. If you are still confused, then use those sites as references or review guides.

♥ Misc. Tips;
» When working on the computer, save drafts occasionally to make sure that you don’t lose anything if the power goes out or if your computer malfunctions. Also, proofread after you have completed the assignment and look out for spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors your computer may have missed.
» ASK FOR HELP! If you feel confused or don’t understand a certain topic, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your teachers. But have *specific questions. Do not just say, “I don’t get it.” Define what “it” is. For example, brainstorm or try to solve the problem on your own. Find out where you get stuck & explain that to your teacher. They will be able to help you more easily if they know what the problem is exactly(:
» Participate in class. This is a great way to make a good impression with your teacher & show that you are putting effort into the class. I know a lot of people may be shy, but one of my teachers once said, “Just raise your hand early in the class period. Get it over with and then you’re done.” xD
» Preparing for finals; make study guides. That’s about the best thing you can do(: Use your notes, text book, worksheets, etc. Review, review, review & you’re bound to do relatively well on tests!

There’s so much more I could say about good study tips but I think this is somewhat long already x] I hope I was able to help! But if you have any more questions about studying/ high school/ or just school in general, feel free to PM me, Sydney [ ]. I’d be very happy to answer any questions.

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