// Here I Go Again // White Snake
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Tuesday. December 23, 2014

So, yesterday was the definition of awful. And don’t you get all smart-alec-y on me by thinking awful means full of awe. No. Not appreciated in the slightest. Since Christmas this year falls on a Thursday, the day of the usual choir practice, the would be Thursday practice got moved. Guess to which day? Last night. UGH! I had work yesterday from 9am-6pm. I wasn’t even scheduled for that whole time. I was asked to pick up a shift since I a co-worker called in sick. Sick my butt. Everyone knows that working retail, in the only mall for nearly fifty miles in all directions, during the holidays is h3ll. Just shoot me now. At least I won’t have to put up with black eye a customer gave me last night. Can I just be a Grinch at the very least and say that I really despise the holidays as a whole. It really brings out the worst in people. 

My boss ended up calling my brother, asking him to pick me up since I really couldn’t drive with a swollen eye (not like I would want to drive even if I didn't have the swollen eye to begin with). Naturally my brother flipped a lid when he saw that I had gotten a black eye. The customer that gave the black beauty to me was still there and had the audacity to pretend that they didn’t give the black eye. 

I eventually got home around 7:30 only to check my phone which showed eighteen missed calls, nine voice mails, and twenty something texts. All. From. My. Choir. Director. My brother was already at practice when my boss called him to come and get me (he was there really early - he is singing a song with another choir member and they wanted to get in one more run before practice that night). He left but apparently only said that I was hurt. Naturally the choir director was worried and wanted to make sure I was okay. I called her back, saying that I was okay, that I gotten a black eye while at work. 

Now, you have to understand, Christmas Eve mass is one of the biggest services of the year (it’s tied with Easter Vigil) and it is the source of a whole hoard of stress for everyone involved. These two days are the only times that my parents sing in the choir after they “retired”, this causes even greater importance to me because I love it when my parents sing with me and the choir. So, as expected, when I told my choir director that I may not even sing at Christmas Eve due to my eye, she freaked out. I swear she was actually having a panic attack while on the phone. 

In the whole of the choir, there are three people whom are called Cantors. I am one of them. Cantors are essentially the face of the choir and lead everyone attending church in the songs that we sing and actually sing by themselves as part of the mass. There are three times our church holds weekend services, one cantor per service. At the one I cantor at, I have the choir sing with me. The other two times, there is no choir. Just the cantor. The other two have been cantors for years and know all the tips and tricks involved. During big events, like Christmas Eve at midnight, one of them cantors with the choir, and the other does the other ones during the Christmas time. Unfortunately for me, one of the cantors came down with strep and the other one has a wife who is pregnant and due in a matter of days. Guess who gets to cantor at ALL THE MASSES? That’s right me. Even better is that I get to do this with a black eye. *sarcastically* Yeah me. 

Hopefully I can convince all the soon to be horrified kids that I got it by fighting with another “big kid” because he didn’t believe in Santa. Any ideas on what I can tell the adults?

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