Name: Christian Rocha
Nickname: Cici
Age: 17
Element: Earth
Circle: Phyru
Song: Judas by Lady Gaga 
Word: Macabre
Quote: "I'm sick of feeling like I'm not good enough."
Good Qualities: Fun, Friendly, Strong, Protective, Leader.
Bad Qualities: Dangerous, Macabre, Mischievous, Messy, Crazy.
Bio: Cici has always been on the outside looking in, raised by a alcoholic mother and absent father she learnt to look after herself but in doing so went a little wild, she has a semi death wish and loves to talk about her funeral and how she would die. Mainly Cici is just misunderstood, she has always known something is different about her and hopes Marseille's will clear up exactly what that is. Oh and don't get her mad or you might find yourself 10 feet under. Despite her crazy side Cici can be nice and loves nature, she spends all her free time drinking in the woods with a close friend or boy toy of the time. There is no one else really like her and she makes a fun and protective friend if you can put up with the tantrums and dangerous activities. 
Likes: death (her own), drinking, sex, fashion, nature, friends.
Dislikes: being neat, girly girls, controlling men, her parents, sushi, tea.
Hobbies: um do sex, planning her own funeral and drinking count? No? then photography, writing, walking/hiking, partying. 
Quirks/Bad Habits: She drinks, smokes, is promiscuous, has a death wish and bites her nails. 
Style: Killer style to road kill, Cici does it all, she can pull off heels and a dress or ripped shorts and a wife beater and looks great how ever she wears it. Some people think Cici's look is slutty but she doesn't care, life is too short to listen to others opinions. 
Model: Valerie Van Der Graaf
1. Where are you from and who do you live with when you're not dorming at school (Holidays, breaks, summer)? I'm from good old New Orleans and during the breaks I either head back there and haunt my family's empty house or try and get invited along with another girls family. Sometimes I just grab a tent and head off into the woods to get away from everything, esp my parents. 
2. What is your favorite subject at school and why? Art because I love all forms of art but mostly photography, I also love history, anything about war or tragedy. 
3. Generally what kind of people are you friends with? I'm kinda friends with all sorts of people, it doesn't really matter how preppy or sporty I just like people for how they act towards me and if they can handle me or not, some people not so much! 
4. How do you feel about the school? Did you want to come or were you forced by your parents? I kinda hoped I would find myself here, but that's so cliché right? haha ok truth, I would put up with just about anything to get away from my parents even if it means leaving my beloved New Orleans. 
-out of character-
5. How did you interpret the song, word, and quote and how did you apply it to your character? I think Cici is searching for a reason to be here, a religion or faith, she has things she has no control over and is seeking that control back. 
Top Three Characters:
1. Christian Rocha
2. Tilly Olsson
3. Hadley Romano

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