Obsessed, Much?

Obsessed, Much?
This group is for anything you're obsessed with. Whether it's, Musicians, Movies, Bands, Actors, Singers, Fashion Trends, anything you can think of.
Here we won't judge you for your obsessions, we feed off of them & encourage them.
So, join, submit your sets, enter contests, be yourself(weirdness, obsessiveness, randomness included), and have fun.
Contest will be about anything and everything to do with the obsessions you love. And if you ever have a question, we'll serve you with a smile everytime. =)

~Member Goals:
-[x] 50
-[x] 100
-[x] 150
-[x] 200
-[x] 250
-[x] 300
Group made: September 27th 2009
  • 650 members
  • 16,734 sets