who would you go on a date with? I put all their lips in the set, can you guess which one belongs to who? haha. 

YONGGUK: very manly, would do pushups for you lol, you might have to watch a war movie with him, doesn't have his license lol

HIMCHAN: wants to take over the world, can be weird in mv (which i like) and i'm weird in real life! lol. Seems like he would be easy to talk to

DAEHYUN: could serenade you at dinner lol. has amazing smile, has better hair than you

YOUNGJAE: likes to eat ice-cream and can serenade you too, likes to explain things (i have questions all the time so why not lol)

JONGUP: Smiley cuteness, can dance amazingly for you lol, will go do things for you (i'm older than him so okay)

ZELO: I think in U.S. years he is 15, so it would be like dating my younger sister...eh. Looks friggin adorable with curly or straight hair and skater style, can dance awesomely also and likes to "shut down" like a robot lol.
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