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1) What did you think of Hurricane by B.A.P?
I prefer B.A.P music style,the MV look cool and strong.

2) What band did you discovered first when you discovered Kpop?
Shinhwa,S.E.S,Fin.KL,G.O.D,Baby Vox I'm old school...

3) What do you like about your personality?
Bipolar person there
Open mind but sometimes can be really narrow minded.
Talkative but need quiet place.
Full of energies but lazy so often.
A sport person but sometimes want to do another girly.
I'm a good person haha<3

4) What is your favourite kind of music ( like ballad, electro, hip hop, etc...)?
I like hip hop,RnB,soul and easy listening.

5) What is your favourite engrish?
I don't get it this question,a like English song,film and i speak English do i answer it right?

6) What was the scariest moment of your life?
I ever had a bad experienced about Tsunami,ever downed into the deep water fall,that moment i thoughts i'll gonna die ,sorry i feel unwell again:(

7) When it comes to concepts in Kpop, do you prefer the cute or the “strong” concept? (is my question even clear?)
Strong concept I can’t go with the cute,and I’m allergic for all cute thing..throwing pillow to TV. when ____ pop up.

8) What is your favourite piece of clothing or accesory that you own?
Typical,skinny jeans,leather jackets,sneakers,caps i like accessories watches,a gift rings.

9) What is your favourite movie?
I have so many such as all movie of Wonbin&Kang dongwon I’m a fan of their works,also I like my sassy girl,a tale of 2 sister,internal affairs and I can say I watch so many Asian Horror/detective movies,they’re very good for this genre.
Such as Japanese horror movie the audition,the ring,suicide club ,spend more than a day if we talk about movie.

10) What is the most stupid thing you've ever heard?
I ever done travel by unplan backpack with my jerk bro go to Taiwan ,local area when i was 17 ,crazy but fun.

11) In real life, do you have friends that also love (or at least like) Kpop?
Yep,I has they’re a fan of Big Bang,TVXQ the most.
However,even my friends are Korean-Japanese-Asian but many of them not interest in K-pop.
they listen to it but not in hardcore way or do following idol get to know their news,they're citizen of k-pop land not a deep thoughts fan.
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