October Vangore; Spring - Day Of The Week Outfits

[credit to @nutz4lutz]
Matching tends to not be her first concern. If two shades look alike, she'll pair them. Her wardrobe changes by season but she tends to stick with black/white/red/green/purple/blue. Never pastels but she's not afraid of pink. She'll wear something if she likes it & doesn't care if people think it looks off. Her piercings pay a great role in her clothing choices because most of the time she bases the colors of her outfits off of the plugs/gauges she feels like wearing that day. When she can't match, she borrows things from her sister & mother.
[I will add more to this description later]


Wrote one year ago

Wrote two years ago
I like these.

Wrote two years ago
ah XD well, piercings are up there with tattoos, and she has a lot of piercings already hahaha
I need to work on everyone's tattoos, but :/ alas that is difficult
Lex needs guy-friends, cause its a shocker he has female friends with how vulgar he can be haha

Wrote two years ago
@vintagevampire19-dear-porcelain Tobe's main thing are her belly rings/tongue rings but she loooves plugs/barbells haha
I'm working on all her piercings but I have to wait for tattoos 'cause she's only 14 xD
Omg, that will be hilarious xD

Wrote two years ago
I see kasper/Annise just buying doubles of plugs XD cause Morticia wears them too. She has brow piercings like aoiduiosad crazy too.
Raven is the one with the nose-studd and cartilage stuff collection.
idk if Harker will, just cause its just freakishly sexy to me if he was like, completely free of tattoos and piercings - but because he fears pain [no lol] but maybe he has a tongue ring or something XD idk
Lex would SO have a good back-and-forth with her haha
cause he never knows when to shut his mouth, and he's crazy [if you ever see Misfits or really see Robert Sheehan movies - he's asioduaiosdasd I love him XD]

Wrote two years ago
@vintagevampire19-dear-porcelain The plugs/piercings are the only things she /doesn't/ borrow. She's got a freaking HUGE collection of them haha
Tobe would never physically hurt him, but she'd always be picking on him. "Dude, what are you... like, the president of Moronville?" xD

Wrote two years ago
Well, the Bone-pants I think are in Tish's collection.
And I have some of those plug/earrings that are hers.
That's all I can see haha
Oh, he'd need that. Tish is always smacking him - she doesn't say anything, she just elbows him, knees him, smacks him - but he still hangs around her because she isn't phased by his perversion XD

Wrote two years ago
@vintagevampire19-dear-porcelain She'd always be putting him in his place xD
Hmmm, okay. I'll just say some random stuff is from Tish xD

Wrote two years ago
omg, Lex would be tormented by Tobe "You're hot, BUT FOURTEEN *internal struggle*"
Um...idk atm the moment what Tobe would have borrowed, cause...you'd just have to look at Morticia's collections, cause I see random things that Tish has XD

Wrote two years ago
@vintagevampire19-dear-porcelain Most of the time, Tobe's clothes are stollen/borrowed from Tish so that's sort of what I was doing with this. Like, they're not /totally/ identical with their style, because Tobe really doesn't give a crap if she's got plaid on with floral xD
BUT if you see anything else Tish would have in this, let me know because I'm updating it. There were a few things I didn't know I was missing until I published it haha
Oh, & I see Tobe hanging out with Lex alot for some reason xD

Wrote two years ago
Kasper has Monday's boots XD

Wrote two years ago
Raven's girliness with her clothes looks like compensation since Tish, Tobe, and Matilda aren't too girly [I know Mat is kind of girly, but Raven is high heels and girly...unless she gets into a fight XD]

Wrote two years ago
I see Tish and Tobe insanely close to each other too XD

Wrote two years ago
@vintagevampire19-dear-porcelain @nutz4lutz Couldn't fit Sunday haha


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