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So I just went to the French Quarter and my Uncle was at home btw. We parked near the Mississippi River and I made a video on my Instagram. 

I got a few things from the French Quarter but uhh...I can't film it right now because my phone is charging...

ANYWAYS, we stopped by at what everyone suggested, CAFE DU MONDE! :D We didn't eat inside because it was a longer line. Took an HOUR to wait in line which the line we had waited was the take out line. I never knew they were $2. Seems cheap.

AND HOLY BEIGNETS THEY WERE SO GOOD. Tasted like a Toaster Strudel except no filling/jam inside and they basically replaced the icing with powdered sugar.

I drank their hot chocolate. A SMALL ONE. And sadly, didn't finish it because it's too much. This is why I don't drink at Starbucks. I LOVE MY WATER.

Hopefully the next day, we can wait to go inside the actual place and eat in there.

That was basically my lunch. 3 of those = knockout. So we went to this Art store (if your interested in which art store I went, I'll put the address in the video on insta) and it had this $20 painting that was CAFE DU MONDE!! AHHH!! So thank you mom and uncle's wife! They had paintings in earrings but $34...nope. Wanted them but too pricey. I was drinking my hot chocolate still so I couldn't film...UGH.

We went to this French Market and they were painting portraits of people. I want to have mine someday! Across the market, it was an antique type of shop thing and I bought a mini snow globe! I realized there was something...dry glue looking thing on the back of it (i'll make a video on it) which I think it reminds me of hurricane katrina hitting towards the house. You won't get it until I post the video up xD

Then we went to a museum...the state one and omg I was tired of walking.

Oh and I forgot to tell all of you that everyone was wearing Alabama and Oklahoma sportswear because they're playing a game tonight. In Cafe du Monde, people were shouting like "Oklahoma's better!" and stuff like that.

-Katrina #katrinawuvsyou 
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