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hum... hi!
i guess i just won't use the capslock anymore,keep the feels under control.
so... how's life? anything exciting? something you want to share with the world? go ahead, tell me!

as you can see, i've been quite busy -ahem- this afternoon. if you're also a directioner, pleeeease keep watching the video as many times as you can, the boys deserve the record, we deserve the record! here's the link:

Dedicated to my all-time honeys @manddyemary, @tesspa, @asia-12, @mzbossyfashions11, @marijoumg, @florapin, @emavera, @carolnobreo, @ilikecheese35, @onedirection-imagine-luv, @selena3333, @tigertoes, @laonela , @riyanabbasi, @pixiestix33, @fearlessstyle101 and @thplacebo, as well as any directioner in the world!

that's it for today, gonna go back to watching the video.
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