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The Doctor holds Molly's hand as they walk around the streets of Rome with Cam trailing behind. They just saw Mark Antony run in the Olympics and met Julius Caesar. Caesar told them all about his denial of being crowned king in hopes of keeping Rome in it's traditional republic government. Before they left to explore the city some more, the Doctor warned Caesar to beware the Ides of March. Molly laughs as they walk to the fountain in the center of the city. The Doctor takes Molly's hand and helps her balance as she walks around the small rim of the fountain heel- to- toe. Cam attempts to balance on the fountain behind her.

"Let me get this straight, you're the famous prophet who warned Caesar to beware the ides of March?" Molly giggles.

"Yup, that's me! My wife always says she hates it when there's a wizard in a story, because it always ends up being me in the end," The Doctor informs her. He takes Molly from the waist and places her on the ground in front of him.

Molly tilts her head in confusion. "Your wife? Who's your wife? Has my mum ever met her?" Molly asks.

The Doctor digs into his jacket pocket. "Um... Your mum met her once the first time I met her. Well, the first time I met her on my time; we had known each other for centuries on her time line. It was River Song! Your mum met her in The Library."

"Oh yeah! I know who River is!" Molly chimes. Molly suddenly stands stick still and her eyes dilate. Molly has been having these episodes recently where she will have a flashback that Donna lived, and act it out simultaneously.

"Doctor, she's doing it again!" Cam cries. Whatever Donna feels in the flashback, Molly feels it when she's reciting.

The Doctor continues to dig through his coat pockets. "Don't worry. The worst that can happen is she feels confused."

"Oh, you're not, are you? Tell me you're not archaeologists. Got a problem with archaeologists? I'm a time traveler. I point and laugh at archaeologists. Ah. Professor River Song, archaeologist," Molly recites with different voice for each person. Molly blinks frantically. "It's that River, right?" Molly asks.

"That's the one. Ah, here we go!" The Doctor cheers. He hands a coin to both Molly and Cam. "Here, make a wish. It's almost definite to come true."

Cam closes his eyes and throws his coin in almost immediately. Molly fumbles her coin in her fingers. "I always wished to meet the star man. Every birthday candle wish, coin in a fountain, everything! It's so weird picking a new wish," Molly states. She closes her eyes and throws her coin into the fountain.

The Doctor takes Molly's hand again and they begin walking back to the TARDIS. "Cam, I believe Molly chose out most recent adventure. Where would you like to travel to now?" The Doctor asks. The Doctor attempts to unlock the TARDIS door, but it doesn't open.

"Can we travel anywhere we want? Like, in any country?" Cam persists.

The Doctor attempts again to open the door, but, again, it fails. "Cam, I have taken you to Times Square on V- J Day, ancient Rome, took you to a dinner with King Louis XVI in Versailles, and had you witness the Eiffel Tower being built! Do you still think I can't take you anywhere and why won't this door open?!" The Doctor grunts shoving his shoulder into the door after trying a third time.

"Let me try," Molly offers. The Doctor hands her the key. Molly tries the key and the door instantly opens. "There we go."

The Doctor and Cam walk into the TARDIS. "How did you--?" The Doctor begins to ask.

Molly shrugs closing the TARDIS door. "Girl power?" She giggles.

The Doctor's eyebrows crinkle together in confusion. He then shoos the idea over his shoulder. "Whatever. Cam, where is your destination?" The Doctor asks again.

Cam taps his lip. "1969 Woodstock?"

"You got it!" The Doctor begins pressing the buttons on the TARDIS dashboard.

"I'm going to go get my Grateful Dead t- shirt!" Cam cheers running up the stairs of the TARDIS to his bedroom.

Molly smiles and sashays over to the Doctor. "Doctor, do you mind if I operate the TARDIS for little bit?" She innocently asks.

"Molly, I love you to bits and pieces, but- even after flying the TARDIS for 800 years- I still can't fly the TARDIS correctly! It's all uppy- downy, timey- wimey bluey stuff that almost no one can understand and, as smart as you are, I don't think you can handle it," The Doctor sighs.

"Please, Doctor! I've seen you do it these past few times and I think I can take it. I'm a very fast learner," Molly pleads.

The Doctor looks down in anguish. "Do you have to be so persuasive, Molly?" Molly hurries over next to the Doctor. "First you have to--" The Doctor begins to explain, but Molly cuts him off.

"Don't worry! I know what to do!" Molly pipes pressing a series of buttons and pulling numerous levers. "Allons- y!" She yells as the TARDIS takes off. The Doctor and Molly cheer and hug each other. Molly reaches into her pocket. "You probably want this back now," Molly exhales handing the Doctor back the TARDIS key resting in her palm.

The Doctor closes the key in her hand. "Keep it," He whispers.

Molly's face lights up. "Really?" She squeals.

"You'll stay with me forever, right? Plus, I've been with you this long. You deserve it," The Doctor explains to her with a smile.

Molly pulls the Doctor into another tight hug. "Thank you so much Doctor," She says to his shoulder. The Doctor pulls her tighter. There's a sudden cramp in Molly's chest as if someone squeezed her heart and was twisting it around. Molly puts her hand on her chest and tenses every one of her muscles. She squeezes her nails into the palm of her hand until she's on the ground.

The Doctor goes next to her. "Molly... Molly... Molly, are you alright?" The Doctor worriedly asks holding her into his chest.

Molly's hand starts drawing circular patterns on the Doctor's arm. She shivers in his arms. "D- D- D- D- Daleks... R- R- Rose... Rose... T- Tyler. Rose Tyler. Daleks. Exterminate. Exterminate. Three. Three? Three! Three little... pigs. Three little pigs! Three little pigs fear... three little pigs fear the... the..." Molly begins rambling.

The Doctor stokes Molly's hair as Molly squeezes her eyes tight. "What do they fear, Molly? What do the three little pigs fear?"

"The... the..." Molly breathes. Her eyes fling open and she sits like a stone. "Bad Wolf... Bad Wolf," Molly repeats. The Doctor stares into space in worry. Molly suddenly snaps out of it and gasps for air shivering again.

"Are you feeling alright, Molly?" The Doctor asks pulling Molly closer to him to hear his hearts beat.

Molly pants. "Yeah... I'm fine now. I think I had a minor heart attack then... I don't even know what happened. There was just this bright light and all I could hear was this dulcet voice telling me what to say, but it was really muffled and echoey and I couldn't understand it," Molly cries.

The Doctor pecks Molly on the forehead. "It's okay, sweetie. Let's not tell Cam about this, got it?" The Doctor laughs.

Molly giggles and nods. "Okay, Doctor."

- - -

Molly holds the Doctor's hand as they walk around Woodstock. After Molly's episode, the Doctor has been worried about Molly having another heart attack in the middle of Woodstock. Molly is also worried of just going through that much pain again. Cam, on the other hand, is practically doing back flips over the whole sight and everything. One booth in particular catches Molly's eyes. She runs to the man clad in tie dye with dread locks and cages of various animals in front of it. None of the chinchillas or bunnies appeal to Molly. The only one that stands out to her is the ferret in the last cage.

"Hi, little booger! What's your name?" Molly coos.

"Doesn't have one," The dread man states. "You can have him for free if you want," The man offers.

Molly turns around. "Doctor, can I?" Molly begs.

The Doctor sighs. "Do you really want the ferret, Molly?" The Doctor asks with a laugh. Molly nods. "Fine, you can get the ferret," The Doctor laughs.

Molly claps and squeals as the man places the ferret in her arms. "What are you going to name him, Molls?" Cam asks.

"Gerard!" Molly cheers.

The Doctor and Cam laugh. "Seriously, Molly? You go to Woodstock, get a ferret, and you name it /Gerard/?" Cam chuckles.

"Look Gerard in the eye and tell him that he doesn't look like a Gerard," Molly requests.

"Well, I personally love the name Gerard. Let's go take our seats. I think Cam will murder us if we miss the Grateful Dead," The Doctor states.

"Peace out, man!" The dread locks guy calls.

"Peace," Molly replies with a smile.
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