Used To Be Mine - Last Dinosaurs

A- Album You Last Bought: idk 
B- Band Names: Do I name bands names or if I had I band what would it be called but im going with the first and say vampire weekend arctic monkeys the vaccines panic at the disco last dinosurs sleigh bells the black keys the strokes the smiths (this is way too vague)
C- Celeb Crush: I dont think theres enough room for this but currently Jospeh Gordon Levitt bc whata babe
D- Drink You Last Had: vitamin water
E- Earliest Music Memory: learning to play piano but then quitting 
 F- Favorite Song About Love: blah
G- Guy or Girl Bands: idk girl bands like haim are badass but i mostly like guy bands (not boy bands except for like NSYNC)
H- Happy Song: Fred Astaire - San Cisco
I- In Love With Any Kind Of Band Lately: as seen on my profile page Sleigh Bells
J- theres no question so I'll make one up - Song that makes you say,"Aww shiit this my jam": Hollaback girl - Gwen Stefani
K- Best Kissing Song: I wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys
L- Longest Concert: idk
Fruity Gum or Minty Gum: depends what mood I'm in
Crunchy or Chewy Chips Ahoy: idc as long as I have milk
Best Video Game: don't really play video games
Do You Like This Quiz: yeah I guess could be better

About You:
What are you wearing:this rad t-shirt I got with a civil war soilder on it and some workout shorts
Necklaces: no
Bracelets: no
Your Hair Color: jet black(I wanna thank my Native American blood )
Short or Long Hair: really long like to half my butt
Height: 5'2 (damn smh)
Nail Polish: none

I was tagged by @whovianbutterfly and @sublimelyshirley 
I'll add my tags later
I posted my tags in the comments for some reason I couldn't tag people in here idk
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