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FRIDAY: Private questioning is finally over...well for now. The detectives are going off campus to review all their data. Police will still be stationed at the front gates and near the woods, but just for the thrill of it, Chord's called out very first meeting of the year. Societas de Corpus Humanis is back in session. 

As Klaire, Emmy, Jayde, Vic, and I made our way towards the forest, our designer boots crunching the newly fallen leaves, I couldn't help but feel happy. It wasn't an excited-happy, rather it was a perfectly contented happy. An emotion I hadn't felt in a while, to be perfectly honest. Still, it was a beautiful fall evening. The sun was beginning to set over the horizon, causing the sky to turn a mixture of deep pinks and golds. There were birds chirping and a cool breeze that rattled the autumn trees. 

"Finally a society meeting! I was beginning to think we'd never have one after Elsie and all." Rita said to Eleanor, as they made their away along the path, passing right by us without acknowledgement. 

"Nice to see you too!" Jayde snickered. 

The two of them stopped dead in their tracks. 

It wasn't long before we caught up to them. 

"Have somewhere to run to?" Emmy asked inquisitively, cocking her head to the side. 

Rita snorted, resuming her pace. "Only the society meeting." 

"Shame Elsie couldn't join us huh?" Vic asked, an evil twinkle in her eyes. 

Eleanor looked like she wanted to punch Vic in the face. 

Instead she just rolled her eyes lamely. 

Shame. I would've liked to see it. 

"Ohmigod, can you believe that we're finalllly having a meeting?! It's, like, thank gawd right?" Portia's irritatingly high-pitched voice rang through the air. 

I groaned out loud. "Yeah, I know right? I mean Chord's probably been waiting since, like, ever." 

Klaire giggled. 

Portia narrowed her eyes. "No need for the sarcasm Chanel." 

"Oh I always think there's a need for sarcasm." I shot back, daring her to test me. 

"Well, whatever then." She muttered, scampering up the trail, and taking Eleanor and Rita with her. 

Thank God.

"Now don't you ladies look awfully suspicious." 

I'd know that drawl anywhere.

"Griffin you're late." I smirked, as I fell back so I could walk in step with him, letting my friends go on ahead. 

He rolled his eyes. "Being on time is overrated. And besides, you're late too." He said pointedly. 

"Mhm but I have a reason." 

"You do?" 

"Yup, but if I told you, then I"d have to kill you." I said, making a grim joke. 

To my relief, he laughed. "I'd better bow down to the almighty Chanel." 

"That you should." I teased. 

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