Chariot // Gavin DeGraw.

I now have an obsession with Gavin DeGraw. His music is amazing, I love this song. I also love the song, I Don't Wanna Be. Listen to both of them :)


Sunday: We're all heading to a country club with the guys, to lounge by the pool, and play some golf. Time to slip into your bikini, and impress the guy you like.

I saw Cooper laughing with Clio, and it made my heart sink a bit. I hated to admit it, but I was falling for Cooper. And since when was Clio even in this picture? Something about her always pisses me off. She comes off as totally desperate sometimes. Though she did choose Billing's over Bradwell, so I do have to give her that.

"He's hot," A beautiful girl said beside me, startling me.

"Well, of course," I rolled my eyes. Who was this girl?

"I'm Lily, I'm new to Easton, and all this." She gave me a glittering smile, waving her hands around at all the drama going on. I sunk back into my chair, leaning my head into the sun.

"Yasmin. Part of the Billings." I sniffed at her. Who does she think she is? Talking to me like she was my friend or something.

"Oh yes, I've heard of you! I don't know many people though, just Ro. Though I don't think she likes me much." She shrugged her skinny shoulders. At the sound of Ro, my ears perked up.

"Do you like her?" I asked, looking at her behind my shades.

"Well, I don't know. I don't know her very well, but she seemed like she didn't like me yesterday." Lily sighed, fixing her bikini strap.

A lightbulb flashed above my head, and my lips curled into a smirk.

"Waiter! Two martinis please, extra dirty." I called to everyone, assuming that someone heard. Then I turned to Lily. "You shouldn't be friends with Ro. First of all, everyone knows she's a freak. She pops pills like we take vitamins, and she drinks coffee like an obsession. You hang out with her, and you'll become the freak's sidekick. And you obviously don't want to start off at Easton with that reputation, right?"

Lily looked horrified, as she took the martini a waiter handed to her. I accepted the other one, taking a long sip.

"Oh God no! I didn't know she was /that/ weird." Lily frowned.

"She is. No one likes her, expect for her weird friends." I smiled mischievously. "So, how do you know Ro anyway?"

"She's my brother's girlfriend." Lily answered, taking a sip from her drink.

"Ah. Well, I live in Billing's obviously, it's home to the elite. Why don't you come over after this, and I'll show you around. Billing's aren't supposed to hang out with Bradwell, but we'll get around that," I winked at her. She giggled, blissfully.

"That would be amazing." She smiled, while I grinned from pleasure.

Ro won't know what hit her.



Lily is an unplayable, just made up to cause drama, just so you know~
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