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We are finally heading out onto the road to the coast so that we may sail away to Fortuna. Say your last goodbye's and gather your belongings that you can carry. We're leaving Rome! If you're a part of the patrician class or slave class, be sure to take your sides with certain Roman army officials. They might be able to protect you on your long journey.

After cooking and serving the Roman army, Helena was exhausted. She thought she resented Romans, she experienced nothing until actually having to serve their insatiable appetites. They were incredibly loud and Manius wouldn't stop making a fit about his men being beasts. Who knew the soldiers could be such children. She sighed, finally laying to sleep in a bed of blankets she had brought. This was going to be a long journey...

The next morning she got up early, at about dawn, to take out her sword and practice using it. She realized she might need to use it for protection against bandits and anything the land of Fortuna holds. The stories about the place seemed too farfetched, as if people spun everything into stories about evil people and gangly women. She was sure there will be a complete surprise waiting in store for them. As she was practicing, she heard some leaves rustle behind her and she turned to clang her sword against another. It was Numerius again, with a dangerous grin on his face.
"It's always better practice to have a partner to fight with" He started throwing his sword at her, expecting her to parry him immediately. She was surprised at the strength he had in his lunges and throws. However, she was told by the sword master at the blacksmith that she was had quick reflexes. This made her laugh, as she enjoyed playing with him as if she she was a child again, throwing around wooden sticks. They were a perfect match, and they continued challenging each other until she grew tired because she wasn't used to such a strong partner. He took this advantage to pin her against the ground, with him on top. They were both panting hard from the exercise.
"You are very skilled with a sword. Who taught such a fine lady to use something so deadly?" He asked while sitting next to her, relaxing.
"My father would teach me when he came back from war. He always wanted a boy, so he would teach me to protect myself. Sometimes he thought I was one, too. I was such a tomboy back then" She smiled at the soft memories of her parents but Numerius noticed a hint of sadness in her voice, as if remembering fond memories.
"Did something happen to your parents?" He looked at her with understanding eyes, because he knew this might be personal. He bowed his head after a while of silence, "It's probably none of my business..."
"No, it's fine, I just... never told anyone about them before. Maybe I should be more open about them. They... died in battle, you know... the raid of Athens?" He nodded, remembering the conquering of Greece, as it was a huge achievement for the Romans.
"My father was killed in action, and my mother..." She started having dots of tears to her eyes "She was murdered in front of my eyes, by archers." There was a moment of silence then, her words finally sinking into him. He realized now why she always seemed to carry a weight over her shoulders, dark demons of her past. All he could do was console her, but it made him feel guilty because he lived a privileged life. In the end, he just sat next to her, giving her a presence of comfort so she could deal with her sadness.

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