11.11.12 5:57 PM
Loved You First - One Direction xxx
Helloo lovelies c: So sorry I didn't really make any sets this weekend! I was busier than I thought I would be! Thursday the 8th was my little brother's 13th birthday, and he had a little get-together with a couple of his friends last night. So I hung out with his friends and made them play just dance and twister ahaha. :) I was also grocery shopping with my parents all day yesterday, and I also went to a "tot rave" with my sister and niece. It was basically a fundraiser but it was like a rave, for little kids. Haha it was alright I guess. And then today I had lunch with my grandparents for my brother's birthday, again. And now, I'm packed with homework. I have to draft my 5 page essay, study for 2 tests and a quiz for tomorrow, and I'm pretty stressed. But 1D's album comes out officially tomorrow/tuesday, which I am SO STOKED for!! Ahhhh! And I've heard the bonus songs. I love "She's Not Afraid", they're voices are so hot in that, hahaha. I can safely say I literally love every single song on TMH. love love love. OH! and the final Twilight movie comes out on Friday!!! OMG. So excited. Yes, I'm a Twihard. But idc, I'm really happy and sad at the same time. I already made plans to see it with my bestie next Sunday since we did that last year. Okay, I'm gonna do my homework now, but I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I get a full week off next week, so I promise that there will be more sets coming! And thank you so much for the followers! Super duper close to 500! Hi to all my new followers! I hope you don't think I'm too weird! But I'm glad you like my sets! Okay, haha enjoy the rest of your Sunday night c: xxx
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