woo, first lily 2.0 story :3 oh and this song has nothing to do with the story, i just find it hilarious. please google the lyrics. and remember i'm not using a model but if you wanna know how lily looks, check the bio set in her collection...

“Are you seriously watching General Hospital?” I felt fully justified in my shock because I never encountered a situation like the one I was witnessing.

Loulou sat sprawled on the living room couch, tissues scattered all over the floor, and two empty pints of Haagen-Dazs ice cream on the coffee table; it looked like a scene from a Jennifer Aniston movie.

At nine thirty in the morning I definitely wasn’t equipped to handle the seemingly huge emotional breakdown she was going through, but one look at her crumpling face and I knew things were serious.

“I’m watching crappy t.v. because it matches my crappy mood and my even crappier life.” Her depressing comment was followed by sniffles and fresh tears.

 Clearing a path towards her I turned the t.v. off and knelt to meet her face. “What happened Lou, whose a.ss do I have to kick?”

She snorted. “We both know your five foot nothing a.ss can’t beat up anyone but thanks,”

Normally I would’ve given her a demonstration about how much I could whoop a.ss but as soon as the words left her mouth, a fresh bout of tears streamed down her face.

“I went to Jason’s place last night because it was too late to go home and I found him in bed with Clarissa.” 


I should have known the signs of a Jason mess-up the moment I saw the soap operas, it was a pattern Loulou followed whenever Jason f.ucked up – which he did often. This was the second time he cheated with the same girl, adding salt to the wound.

“I just don’t know what the hell he see’s in her,”

“Well I mean she is the mother of his child.” It probably wasn’t the most supportive thing to say but my patience with her relationship was wearing thin.

“I don’t care, I’m done with him anyway,” At my skeptical look she huffed, pushing off the couch and away from me. “I’m seriously Lily he’s never going to see me again.”

Sighing heavily, I dropped myself on the couch in exhaustion. I hated being the one to doubt anyone and I really hated arguing with Loulou about Jason; it happened way too often nowadays.

“Lou, if you’re seriously done than I’ll be so freakin’ happy for you, but you have to admit that you have a bad record with him.”

It was a standoff with almost five minutes of silence and I knew it was time to change the subject because we both weren’t backing down.

“How about we forget all this and get some food, because our fridge is pitifully empty,” I smiled at our shared laugh. “And then we can hit the grocery store, maybe get some shopping in for my interview tomorrow?”

“Yes to all of that, though didn’t you get an outfit last week?” she said, an unconvincingly innocent look on her face.

“Listen damnit, I need options and one outfit isn’t enough.”

Loulou laughed. “Uh huh, I’m just going to get ready and leave you with your delusions.”

Once we were both dressed and ready we fought the crazy New York winds and the frigid temperatures to my favorite restaurant.

 Reaching for the door handle, I was surprised when Lou’s form blocked my way. “Are you kidding me, did you take me out of my misery and bring me to work...on my day off!”

I rolled my eyes. “Stop being so damn dramatic, this is the best spot for brunch and you of all people should know that.”

Even her version of a withering look couldn’t stop me from pushing my way into the shop, smiling at the incredible scents that permeated the space. It was a regular affair for both of us so we ordered quickly and tuckered into our eggs and bacon; what we normally got when we went there.

After the quick brunch we braved the cold to Whole Foods, filling our carts easily.

“No, that stuff is so unhealthy!” I exclaimed, putting back the kraft mac n’ cheese Lou picked up.

“I don’t give a flying f.uck if it’s unhealthy, it’s amazing.”

Her annoyance was short lived though when she saw me pick up ingredients to make homemade macaroni and cheese. She was an incredible baker but I was definitely the better cook between us, she just didn’t commit to eating as healthily as I did. 

We both couldn’t afford it but we had to take a cab back to the apartment, where we hauled the thousands of bags we had.

“Okay, now what?” Loulou said when we were sitting at the kitchen island after putting all the food away.

I looked at her incredulously. “What, I’m supposed to entertain you all day?”


I pretended to think hard before snapping my finger, jumping up in bogus excitement.

“If you grab some ones than I’m totally down for the strip club if you are. You know the saying, the best way to get over some one, is getting over another.” 

“Are you serious?” She looked skeptical but I could see the intrigue in her eyes.

I laughed. “Well before I wasn’t but I can definitely tell you wanna do it now, so yes I am.”

She took a moment before grabbing her coat and her wallet.

“Alright, let’s go and ogle some pretty boys.”

alright i need to take a class on how to end stories...
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