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August 26, 2012

1) So I've been wanting to watch "The Romantics" ever since it first came out, and I finally got my hands on it yesterday, so I watched it last night. Everything about the movie was just so... CUTE. The fashions (think J Crew meets Anthropologie), the setting, the story line... It was all just so vintage-y and adorable. I mean, okay, the love story in this movie wasn't comparable to that of "The Notebook," and the writers definitely could have developed it more, but it was adorable nonetheless. Let's be real, I'm not the harshest critic ever, but I thought the movie was pretty darn cute. And personally, I always love movies, shows--whatever--about co-ed groups of college friends or whatever who stick together and live happily ever after, etc., etc. (e.g. Friends, How I Met Your Mother).
2) And Josh Duhamel was in it. And he was gorgeous... as always. I always love it when he's the main guy in movies. I loved "Life as We Know It," "When In Rome," etc.
3) Oooh and Adam Brody was in it too! There's something so endearing about this guy. I never watched "The O.C." but I saw him in this movie, "In the Land of Women," a few years ago, and even though things got a little weird with his character, I fell in love with him in that movie. Gah. I wish I loved Rachel Bilson back when they were together. That would have been adorable.
4) Speaking of adorable... I finished re-reading "The Summer I Turned Pretty" and I'm now onto the second one! Guys, it's official. Jeremiah Fisher is my favorite fictional character in the whole entire world. I love him so much. Like I wish I had a Jere in my life. He is SO cute to Belly in the first book. And ugh I don't wanna give anything away (so maybe stop reading now if you haven't read the third one yet), but I am so mad at Jenny Han (not really, she's my hero) for making Jeremiah look like a complete a--hole in the third book. Like that is NOT the same Jeremiah I fell in love with in the first book. But you know what? My heart still broke for him in the end of the third book with the whole letter thing. I'm seriously so attached to this character. Sighhhh.
5) Alright. Time to go now. I promise I'll be back later! Toodle loo! xx
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