Oh Mama!

I miss you all so much! And for a good reason...I havent been able to check Poly or do anything as much due to battling an eye disease known as Iritis, which has prevented me to do any errands and left me quite disabled or better yet, bed ridden. I hope I can recover very soon, and even though I have been battling this for years, I badly relapsed a few weeks ago. However, I am getting better now, just waiting for some new glasses :) and gosh, hope to be back really soon! I really miss expressing my creativity with you all and seeing all your fabolous work :)
For the moment, I love you all and hope to see you all soon :)


Wrote three years ago
Adorable collection sweetie!!! Every set is just unique and fabulous, love them all! ♥ Thank you very much for adding my sets! :)
I'm so sorry about your eyes, hope everything will be just fine!
Have a lovely weekend, dear! Lots of hugs, Mariya. :)

Wrote three years ago
Gorgeous collection sweetie and thank you for adding my sets !! ♥♥♥
I am glad to heat that you are getting better and hope that you will be back soon and with a fast recovery. Prayers and hugs ~ Dawn ~ XO

Wrote three years ago
oh hon!! i am so sorry to hear about your eye! praying for your fast recovery ! hugs!
thank you for adding my set to this lovely collection!

Wrote three years ago
I hope you recovers as soon as possible! <3

Wrote three years ago
My prayers and thoughts are with you. I hope you recover soon!

Wrote three years ago
@lizasamoylova: oh my goodness, you are very welcome! And thank you for the kind words! Its people like you who inspire me to do such collection ;D

Wrote three years ago
@solespejismo: Thank you dear, gosh I miss you all!!

Wrote three years ago
@anne-symanski-goranson: Awww...so sweet of you! Thank you so much...and your welcome :)))

Wrote three years ago
@b-rex: Thanks babe!!! Hopefully soon!

Wrote three years ago
Thank you soooo much fro adding my set!!! I'm honoured! It's such a pretty collection! And it's very inspirational))

Wrote three years ago
Thanx sweetie! I hope everything goes well soon!

Wrote three years ago
Thank you and sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery!

Wrote three years ago
Merci and get well soon! :> <3.

Wrote three years ago
TNX dear !!!

Wrote three years ago
thanks for including my set in your collection!

Wrote three years ago
get better soon darling:))))))))

Wrote three years ago
omg such a perfect collection! Thanks for adding my sets dear


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