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WEDNESDAY. JULY 13TH: Miles' family is hosting a dinner party at their mansion to celebrate their arrival. All Huntington's elite was invited. Let's meet our new british fellows!

It was barely eight in the morning, and I was already awake. Miles' plane would arrive soon, and me, being a very lovely girlfriend, went to the airport to wait for him. He said it was going to arrive at eight o'clock, but nothing happened. Ugh, I hate delays. 

While I waited, I took that time to think. I shouldn't have done that with Miles, of course he couldn't discover it but deep inside, I feel guilty for making out with Zach. 

Thank God Ivy and the other band guys went to the dressing room minutes later, I don't know what could have happened if they didn't. Oh wait, I do. But then I would be wanting to kill myself for it today.

From the airport window, I spotted Miles' private jet landing. We travelled many times around Europe on it, so I knew it was his jet. 

In a few minutes, Miles showed up on the airport gate with his family by his side. I was really happy to see him, but if I wasn't feeling guilty, I would be a lot more. 

He spotted me and walked towards me fastly. I giggled and gave a few steps on his direction. He was so cute, how could I do something like that to him? 

"I missed you so much." Miles said with that incredible sexy british accent as he hugged me. I smiled, but didn't say anything. I missed him too, but there was something wrong. He also noticed it. "Are you okay?" He looked at me concerned. 

"Yes." I answered, shocking my head. "I'm just sleepy." 

He nodded and put his arm around my shoulders. "I'm sorry that I made you wake up this early." We walked towards a man in suit, holding a plaque indicating that he was their driver. "But I'll make it up to you."

"Oh yeah?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at him. 

"Yep." He handed his bags at the driver, and so did his mom and younger sister. "We decided to throw a party tonight, to inaugurate our new house."

A few months ago, Miles hated any kind of /fun/. Now he just arrived and is already talking about a party. How I can change a person. "But Miles, you don't know anyone in here! How do you want to throw a party?" 

"Well, I hope you would be in charge of it, sweetheart." He grabbed my chin and gave a small peck on my lips. 

I shrugged and rolled my eyes. "Alright, I guess I can invite a few people."

Miles just smiled at me and got into the car. Didn't I deserve a 'thank you' at least? Or a real kiss? Why was he weird too? Maybe he noticed that I was different, or during this time, something happened to him. I would discover what was wrong. Besides my guilty feeling. 
I managed to invite almost everyone from Huntington Beach to the Barnetts party. Everyone that was worthy, actually. I didn't mind on inviting people that I didn't like, especially Willa. I was afraid that Oliver would say something to her, bur surprising, I didn't see him all day. Lucky me.

"It's so good to see Stella dating a nice guy." I heard my dad saying to Miles' mother, after taking a sip of his champagne. They were having a friendly conversation, that would be so nice if Jessica wasn't by his side wearing probably one of her most slu.tty dresses. 

I rolled my eyes at her and continued to walk around the party. I spotted Miles talking to some guys, all of them rich entrepreneurs and heirs. That was something normal to him, he was used to talk to old and rich lords. 

Still, something was not okay. I didn't know if it was because of Miles or me. I didn't know if he was acting in a strange way or if he was like that all the time, and only now I'm noticing his defects. 

I spotted Karlie, Lauren and Roxy talking to each other in a corner. I normally don't go near Lauren on events like this, but I needed something to distract me from my problems with Miles. "Hey." I said, smiling at them. 

"Hi, Stella! Where is your boyfriend?" Roxy asked, raising an eyebrow. 

"He is right there." I pointed to him. Roxy gave him a flirtacious look, but when she looked back at me, I didn't need to say 'stay away from my man', my gaze said it all for me. "Miles's family is extremely prestigious. they're all very well connected, even when in the states." I shrugged. 

"That describes most of Huntington." Karlie said and laughed. Lauren did the same.

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, but Miles probably could have invited the Queen tonight if he wanted. /That/ kind of power." I smirked. Suddenly, I felt someone putting hands around my waist, and when I looked back to see who it was, I saw Miles. "This is Karlie Montgomery, Roxy Summers, and you already know Lauren."

"Good to finally meet you." Karlie smiled. 

"Brilliant, actually. Stella talks about her friends all the time. I'm glad we'll all be spending the summer together." Miles replied and gave a kiss on my cheek. The girls noticed that they were the third wheel so they left, leaving me alone with Miles. They are such good friends. 

I turned around to look at him and forced a smile. "Are you really okay, Stells? You seem a bit distant today." He said, looking right into my eyes.! How could he know me so well, only after a few months?

I bit my lip. Should I tell him about what happened? Well, if I should, that certainly wasn't the right moment. "Yes, I said I am fine." I lied. 

He didn't seem to buy that, but he kissed my temple. Why couldn't he kiss my lips? And I'm not talking about a peck, I mean a hot and long kiss. I didn't mind if it was in front of everyone. 

I wouldn't wait for him to do that, I needed to know if I was still feeling the same. So I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He was surprised, but kissed me back. 

I tried to feel something, to feel the same way as I did with Zach last night, but nothing happened. I couldn't understand how that guy did that to me. Maybe it wasn't his fault. It was just the excitement and dangerous feeling of doing something wrong that I miss so much. 

I liked Miles, he was the gentleman that all the girls in the world are looking for. But still, he wasn't enough for Stella Merrywather.

x Stella
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