Look Up: Young Homie - Chris Rene

Chris Rene is like one of my heroes. He used to be down in the dumps. Alcoholic...or druggie. Then you got all sobered up :] He says its like the best thing that he has ever done. Another hero of mine is Eminem...he's an amazing father! love him. I'm listening to the radio & that stupid song living young and wild and free...by wiz khalifa, snoop dogg, and bruno mars. I loved Bruno Mars, til now. REALLY!? That song came on on the radio singing about getting drunk partying and smoking weed...i am not being judgmental or anything, but honestly i feel really awkward when im in the car with my mother & it comes on or with my little sisters asking "What do they mean by rolling?" -______-...the my mom explains to them that they are doin' drugs & stuff...-___-....awkward much!? or myself & it comes on the radio...i'm not by myself...God's there...what does he think about getting drunk (ESPECIALLY UNDERAGE! which they are saying that being young means getting drunk & smoking weed & being wild & partying) what does God think about smoking weed!? (which is illegal where i am)...but COME ON...:\ is that REALLY the way its supposed to be?!
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