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▷ Lady Undine Castamere 
age; 20 
house; Greater House of Poseidon 
bio; Cousin to Lord Udlyn and bearing the same name Lady Undine is as bitter as the sea against rocks. She once has a bastardd boy, a shame on the family. Undine didn't care though; her boy was destined to travel across the unending sea. No one else shared that opinion and Lord Udlyn had the babe drowned in front of her to teach her a lesson. Undine's nights are still haunted with that scene. She hates her Lord and her God Poseidon for letting her blessed son die. She stays up in her chamber's sewing baby clothes that will never be worn. Lady Undine will never tell anyone who the father was, won't even talk about her son. Now Lady Undine is getting older and it is Lord Udlyn's duty to see her married to a respectable man, but none are willing to even think on the prospect. The rumors of her madness exceed the truth but it is enough to keep prospects away. So the Lord is sending her east to Olympia with her only son, the unknown father of her bastard, to find her a suitable match. 
model; Emily Wake
taken by; @sabina-elena

Everything else is coming later. This character is hitting al the right spots for me. Fuckingg Greyjoys + BAMF Poseidon? Yes, please.

Also, could one of the mods help me with something? In her bio it says something about her being sent "to Olympia with her only son, the unknown father of her bastard". So, the father of her baby was lord Udlyn's son and she's going with him to Olympia, right? Just so I'm clear. Thanks!



The big ship sails on the ally-ally-oh
The ally-ally-oh, the ally-ally-oh
Oh, the big ship sails on the ally-ally-oh
On the last day of September.

If not for the song, the room would have been completely silent. The handmaiden was all but asleep on her wooden chair by the door, having been knitting the same wool glove for two hours. She sneaked a glance at the woman who had been humming the song, hoping to see some signs of tiredness on her, but the pale woman was as expressionless as always. Her fingers were tracing an unknown pattern on a white piece of cloth and her eyes were trained on the wall in front of her, unmoving and vacant. It would have seemed that she was completely submerged in her own thoughts, unaware of the world surrounding her. But the handmaiden dared not leave the room. She heaved a small sigh and adjusted her position on the seat.

The big ship sank to the bottom of the sea
The bottom of the sea, the bottom of the sea
The big ship sank to the bottom of the sea
On the last day of September.

"-My lady..." she murmured after waiting for a break in the song. The woman stopped singing but aside from that made no signs of having heard her. Finally, as the servant girl was getting ready to get up from the chair, the pale lady turned her head in her direction.

"-What is it." An emotionless string of words.

"-It's really late, m'lady. We should get you ready for bed, m'lady, lest we want to catch the sunrise..."

The woman narrowed her eyes and glanced at the window to her right. The sky was still pitch black, but the air was heavy in the way that it is just before the crack of dawn. The candles had all but went out and were no more than a pool of melted wax, black, white and yellow. The ocean's waves rolled somewhere beneath them, the sound familiar, but nonetheless far from comforting.

"-The sunrise... the sunrise..." she repeated, seemingly lost again in her own thoughts.

"-M'lady..." the servant tried again, this time more boldly.

"-Some people say that the prophets can see the future in the waves of the ocean. The smallfolk especially." the lady drawled, uncaring towards her servant's attempts to get her to bed. "Did you hear anything of this sort?"

"-People believe lots of things. But I don't know that much about prophets, m'lady."

"-No, I imagine you would not." The woman got up from her seat and began disrobing. The handmaiden rose to her feet quickly and helped her untie the laces of her dress.

"-Prophets..." the woman scoffed. "They know nothing. And even when they do, they never know it all the way through. Only halfway truths." She let the servant girl take of her boots as she looked at the window again. "They told me that my son would travel across the neverending sea. They said that he would cast down kings and queens and wear their broken crowns. My son..." she stopped abruptely, the far away look again in her eyes.

"-Go to sleep, m'lady." , the handmaiden begged, taking her hand and guiding her towards the bed. She blew out the last candle and hurried to slip out of the room, before her mistress found another reason to keep her up. When she closed the door, the first rays of sun had hit the water. The woman in the bed closed her eyes and, somewhere between sleep and reality, began humming her song again.

We all dip our heads in the deep blue sea
The deep blue sea, the deep blue sea
We all dip our heads in the deep blue sea
On the last day of September.
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