Past Roleplay Characters; 
Abby Wellington; Time Of Our Lives

☼abby wellington; eighteen
-known as; the serial dater
-bio; [Abby wellington is the perfect socialite. She has amazing ettiquite and amazing grades. She dates only the best boys and only parties with the richest girls around. She thinks everyone is below her. However, things are changing. Abby is scared. Someone knows her secret. And even worse? She just might be in love. But the only problem? Abby isn't used to relationships and now she's terrified shes going to mess everything up.] 
-secret; [Abby is scared. One night when she was a little to drunk she hit someone with her car. To afraid of what could happen to her, she kept driving. One day, she got a random email from someone saying they knew what happened and hasn't been able to act normal since.]
-item; [the iphone]
-status; [dating]
-model; miranda kerr
Love Interests; Danny(Sebastian Stan) and Mason(Hayden Christensten)
Sets Made; 11

This rp was kind of a fail the first time, and everyone lost interest before the killer was even revieled. Oh, well... at least i liked my character. I miss using miranda.
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