saturday; The All-American Rejects are headlining at Bowery Ballroom and both bands are playing as their opening acts.
"That was an amazing f*cking show." Sid grinned as she walked beside Cass behind the stage.

"Yeah we did pretty great." Cass chuckled, tapping her sticks on a couple things they passed by.

"The All American Rejects were good too. Pretty great seeing them again in such short time in between shows." She smirked, running a hand through her dark hair and tugging lightly.

"We seen them then opened for them in less than a month. I'd say so."

Sid nodded, looking around. "I wonder if they're still around." They were about to turn a corner, instead a tall guy came quickly around making them stop in their tracks. A smirk tugged at her lips, "Out running your groupies, Tyson?"

"Actually getting pushed off from one. I was getting my jacket to get drinks." He gave her a second look, "Wow.. Heels.. Sid you.."

"Stop right there." She interrupted, "If you say I look like a girl I swear I'll hit you upside the head with one of them."

Cass rolled her eyes, "She'll do it.. She's been complaining about them before and after the show."

He tipped his head to the side, "But they're the little ones..."

"Would you like to wear them, Mr. Ritter?" Sid c*cked a brow at him.

"Nope.. I still want a drink and quite possibly a joint." He snagged a leather jacket off the back of a chair.

"I can provide both." She looked up at Cass, "Want to go to the Cellar with us?"

"Of course." Cass nodded, looking up at Tyson. "He's going in the cab with us?"

"Why not? He's skinny enough.. And if there's not enough room I'll just sit in his lap." She turned her head and winked at Tyson, smirking when he laughed.
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