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~The Temper Trap, Sweet Disposition {Harry was tweeting lyrics to this song again so I had to use it again :)} &

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Oh hey. @buds-over-studs and @curious-and-young are creating another RP inspired by OTH. Um, of course I have to audition! <3 Love you girls!

Name: Grace ‘Gracie’ Nichols 
Age: 21
Occupation: Recruiter 
Likes: Being the center of attention, high heels, smoking, secrets, her brothers, changing her hair style
Dislikes: Being alone, getting drunk, working hard, ignorance, cheap clothing
Bio: Gracie is that really popular girl in high school that you were always envious of. She had the good looks, the good grades, a slew of friends and boys that were after her. Everyone was jealous of Gracie, and Gracie was well aware of how popular she was. And so she took advantage of that fact. Maybe it wasn’t the right thing to do; her older brothers told her all the time that she was a snobby b-tch, but she just didn’t listen. She marveled in the glory of being the center of attention, something that she never had before. At home, her brothers were the glory children. Gracie was just the girl in the background, never really being noticed by anyone. So when she got into high school and people realized that she was pretty, she instantly became popular overnight. Gracie always had a boy at her side, and it’s always been that way. Even all throughout college and even here at Red Bedroom. Everyone knows that Gracie is pretty and funny and flirty and young; she’s a bombshell. She’s everything we wish we could be. Gracie knows that she’s not as great as everyone thinks she is; truth is, Gracie has a little marijuana addiction that nobody knows about. It’s something completely frowned upon for the kind of girl she is, and especially frowned upon here at Red. But Gracie can’t seem to shake her addiction no matter how hard she tries, no matter how much she’s afraid it’ll consume her. 
Relationship Status: Single
Model: Karlie Kloss


Top Three:
1. Gracie
2. Charlie
3. Zara
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