Oh, Roger, you are an idiot.

Disney 2.4
Anita Radcliffe from 101 Dalmatians [1961]
There. Now the 60s have been somewhat represented.
Actually I really enjoyed putting together a London Sophisticate wardrobe for Miss Anita. She is the poshest housewife, with just occasional eccentricites.
I feel like Jane, Aurora, Belle, and Anita would be bestest friends.


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@ducktape you're so welcome, dear :)
I totally get why you can't do the live action girls because that would take like eighty years, (yeah, yikes indeed!) but all those ideas are great. But Mary would be awesome. And Giselle too (she counts because she's animated, I believe) I'm too hyped for words for Honey Lemon. I want to cosplay as her so bad! I love her (hints my icon)

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Hey darling, thank you for all the kind comments. ^_^
Actually, Mary Poppins is a good idea. Originally I wasn't going to get into the live-action girls (because that's just /so many more/ yikes), but I am now picturing how Poppins might look and I'm kind of excited about it. Plus then I can do Giselle too. And Honey Lemon is definitely one I want to work on asap.

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this one is my fave, I love how you bring these characters to life :)
Would you ever consider doing Mary Poppins? I know it's not technically an animated Disney feature (for the most part at least) but I feel like she's a big character that gives Disney it's identity :)

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I adore this!

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Love this so much, so genius!

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great idea,


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