Wednesday; River rafting parts of the Iguacu Falls. I hope you know how to swim as these parts are very rough and you'll more than likely get thrown overboard.

"Now Bianca, tell us what happened with Eli." Katie said looking at me. Chad and Spencer were next to me, Chad looked like he just wanted to get out of there, and Spencer he looked like he wasn't even paying the least bit of attention.

"Well it was too hot inside so I went out to get some fresh air. Spencer came out after a minute and smoked, then we both walked back in at the same time and when I went back to Eli he flipping a bitchh about stuff that wasn't true." I said running a hand through my hair.

"What exactly was he overreacting to?" Russel interjected. I gave him a look but explained.

"He thought I was sleeping around with Spencer behind his back, and that I had left him in the main room to do just that. Then he started getting really heated about it and he wasn't even making any sense anymore. He asked me if I though he was stupid, that he wouldn't see what was going on. So I said ya you must be, that was probably the reason he was stupid enough to break his arm and lose his scholarship to USC. Which looking back probably was a mistake on my part, but he was pissing me off. Then he punched me so hard I fell flat on my back and I couldn't breath, and then I remember seeing Chad and Spencer tackle him as he tried to go for me again, but then after that I blacked out." I finished. Katie was silent for a moment but the turned to Chad for his story which was much shorter then mine, he was just standing with Spencer, and saw that Eli had hit me. Then Spencer whose story only included that he had come outside when I had come outside.

"What's going to happen to Eli?" I asked suddenly worried that he might go to jail or something or rehab

"Mr. Greene has already been asked to leave the program. WV:PB tolerates no violence," Russell stood up, clasping his hand with his wives, "Consider this a warning." he said glaring at Chad and Spencer. What the hell? We all walked out together, and waited until the door was closed before Chad said anything.

"OK what was the 'warning' shitt about? I mean what were supposed to do, let Eli beat you to a pulp?" Chad said shaking his head.

"Apparently, that would have been more protocol friendly." I said shrugging. "And I don't think I ever really thanked you guys, but thank you, if it wasn't for you guys, who know what else he might of done." I said looking at them sincerely.

"No problem." Chad said grinning at me before turning around to walk away.

"Don't mention it, I'm sure that even if it wasn't us, someone would've helped, no one here likes it that you got hurt, in fact everyone hates Eli for hitting you, it's just something you don't do." Spencer said before walking off.

And that sounded just fine to me.
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