So I don't have much to say but I had Peace Tea today for like the first time in about 3 weeks. I have missed drinking Peace Tea so much!!!! It's like a drug it's so addicting. lol. But yeah I had my favorite flavor which is Razzleberry Tea.

Also you should follow the new account I am on @lost-girls-of-neverland it's awesome and I will be ranting A LOT on there.

Also please go addition for my battle group. I really want to get it started. here is the link:

So that's about it I have to say so I'm gonna go now. goodbye I will hopefully see you tomorrow with a new set.

~ Sarah

p.s. go follow @tip-girls-from-narnia and @tip-of-the-iceberg

lyrics: 'Don't Mess With Ouija Boards' by: Falling in Reverse
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Wrote three years ago
@angel29011 yeah i know i love Peace Tea so much. I love like all of the flavors but my favorite is Razzleberry. but yeah it's so good and addicting

Wrote three years ago
Peace Tea is the best thing ever!!! I love the pink lemonade one, I forgot what it's called but it's soooooooo great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrote three years ago
☠ My Werewolves ☣ Part 4

@crap-happens-but-life-goes-on @killjoysoftomorrow @angeldawn100 @zozo812 @octobera7x @livvyisthebestimagineer @hannahelise1001 @the-lonely-ghost @jadie-boo @jinxthevinxx @beautiful-dark-nightmare @basketball1411

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Wrote three years ago
☠ My Werewolves ☣ Part 3

@nyxrosser @brook-liam-payne-lover that rock chick @piercetheeve @shittherainboe Hannie Undead :3 @aaallie1011 My amazing Polybestie who loves BVB now thanks to me and deserves a better special tag but I can't think of one right now but hopefully I will later @beemo15 andy's lover @ashlyn-s-b-dog @surferstyle118 my amazing polybestie who loves lotr almost as much as I do and should know I am terrible at coming up with special tags @idunnocx My very weird but awesome polybestie who I can't think of a good tag for @claryweasley @kh3819 @degrassithgprincess

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Black veil brides army

Black veil brides army

"We are not just an army. We are family!"
This is for those of us who are societies rejects. We don't belong. We are Fallen Angels. We are the Wild Ones.
This is a group for the darker side to every aspect. Specifically focused on music, and even further Black Veil Brides. We welcome all forms of sets, and all walks of life. Please keep active and be kind or I will ban you :)
Have fun! Much love xoxo

Mystery Scene Girls

Mystery Scene Girls

A group for people who like scene/emo/goth/punk etc. Join!



~Frequent contests~
Clothing and art creations express personality silently. Create and submit sets that convey messages you'd like to cast to the world.
*Please refrain from using any sexual content in your submitted sets or any content that may be triggering
~Note: I accidentally became the monitor of this group and have decided to take on the new experience. I love the aspects of the old group so no worries! I didn't come here to change anything!


back in black

back in black

30 sets from 9 members. Ended three years ago.
sets that have a dark gothic twist to a rocker style. no copying sets. 6 set limit.
4 weeks. I pick winners.

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