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okay, the noise that came out of my mouth when i saw a boston-based rp was shameful. suffice to say, i'm totally already in love with this rp. i mean, i actually live in boston and am actually going here for an education so it's kinda just a match made in perfection heaven. also, i'm going all-out beantown on this rp and making my character grow up in my own hometown and attend my own colleges.

and on a side note, guess who saw aerosmith today!? yup, this girl right here. free aerosmith concert on comm ave, hell yeah. literally, aerosmith decided to have a free concert on the side of a highway. yeah, they're awesome. and so am i for skipping all my lectures today to go see them :/

- - - -

name: Kennedy Anne ÓConnor
age: 22
hometown: nantucket, massachusetts
college: massachusetts college of pharmacy with an acceptance to harvard medical school
major: pre-med
neighborhood: she's moved all over, from fenway to north end. but currently resides in back bay
{collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2018230}
likes: red sox, deep sea fishing, shopping on newbury st., tom brady, bicycling, lilly pulitzer, yachting, bruins games, boston lager, her irish roots, fever pitch, mojitos, the north end, her job at MGH, dustin pedroia, & karaoke bars
dislikes: those f---kin` yankees, when the T's are moving slow, snow, tourists in ACK, traffic, massholes, bobby valentine, stress from exams, incompetent people, & did she mention yankees yet? 
music: flogging molly, ed sheeran, lso, florence + the machine, boston pops, dropkick murphys, carry brothers, ellie goulding, bon jovi, & aerosmith
food: guinness, north end cuisine, sushi, middle eastern food, irish food, & fish + chips 
style: new england prep most days, but come game day, she's decked all-out in boston apparel. 
family: Cianán ÓConnor (52, father, Pierce Brosnan), Fiona ÓConnor (47, mother, Nicole Kidman), Rian ÓConnor (25, brother, Jude Law), Declan ÓConnor (18, brother, josh hutcherson) & Eva ÓConnor (18, sister, Saoirse Ronan)
appearence: her hair color changes quite often, but is currently a sandy blonde (although naturally it has a reddish hue), she has very chocolate brown eyes and fair skin. her most noticeable feature is her height (which is 5'10, to be exact). kennedy also likes to think she has a very languid and modelesque figure, although she tends to be very lanky and tall.
model: keira knightley (or natalya piro or emma watson)

storyboard: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=62705342

- - - - 


"Look who made page six," Peyton smirked, tossing a fresh copy of the Boston Globe onto the table where Kennedy was currently sitting.

"Nice!" Kennedy grinned, setting down her cup of coffee and picking up the paper to read her dear friend's first published article.

"Very impressive, I must say," she chuckled, nodding her head approvingly. 

Peyton smirked and tossed his head back. "Well of course. You'd expect anything less?"

"No never."

Peyton grinned smugly and turned to walk into the kitchen, where he was greeted by their third housemate, August, who was currently pouring himself a cup of coffee.

"Did you see page six yet?" Peyton asked ecstatically.

"Do I have to?" August replied with a sigh as he rubbed his eyes. It was obviously another 'busy' night for him with minimal sleep.

"Ken! Bring it here," Peyton called, waving his hand at Kennedy to hurry up and show August the article.

She, of course, begrudgingly obliged and slowly made her way into their kitchen with the paper in tow.

"Here," she sighed, holding the paper out. August stretched his hand out to take the Globe, but suddenly Kennedy yanked it back.

"Hey!" he groaned.

"Hold on," she muttered, holding up her index finger to pause him. "Woah, there was another bank robbery in Charlestown again."

August rolled his eyes and huffed. "There's /always/ a bank robbery in Charlestown. Big whoop."

"No, no, this one they think might be headed by Bulger and the Irish mafia," Kennedy corrected. She paused for a moment and read through the front page article at a rapid speed.

"Apparently four men dressed up as janitors and held the bank hostage. Their identities are still unknown and there's a hefty reward for anyone who has any information on their whereabouts," she paraphrased.

August and Peyton exchanged glances and then looked back at Kennedy.

"Please don't tell us you're going to go after these guys. We all know you have a thing for bad boys and bank robbers," August smirked.

"That was only once!" Kennedy exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air. "And Jake didn't even tell me he was a criminal until he called me up from his jail cell to have me bail him out! All I'm saying is that it's very interesting..."

August and Peyton exchanged another glance and then chuckled. 

"Fine, whatever you say, Ken," Peyton finished, grabbing his article from her hands as he left the kitchen. August wasn't far behind.
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@violetta-valery; thank you (:

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@withlove-kirsten; oooh goodness thank you so much! :D and my pleasure! anything with boston will have me hooked.

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@henna-enjoys-the-little-things; awwh well thank you very much! :`)


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