December 16th: The 4 champions have decided to have a party, to celebrate the Triwizard Tournament coming up, before they have to get to work preparing for the first task. Leave it to Van to find a hidden room in a part of the East Wing. Since the Forest is no longer an option, this is where the party will take place. But the location has to stay on the down low. Everyone's invited. There will be plenty of vodka and lilybane to go around. 

Collab with @shedefiesreality (Sadie)

I used - Willow @elizabeth-kate and Art @radio-surgery hope you don't mind.

I also mentioned Cora, Phi and Bernice too @fleetingfanfan, @oedipus @gabinoonoo2011 


The ‘Champions’ Party, that’s what they were calling it. Champions. They hadn’t even done anything yet bar put their names in a big old goblet. I really didn’t feel much like going but of course I’d have to or everyone would be talking about my absense. I wondered if Sadie had recovered from my little gift, it made me smile every time I thought about it. Her vacant face, her pleading eyes, how in Merlin’s name she was ever going to get through the first task let alone win the whole thing was beyond me.

Bernice, Phi and Cora had already left but I was taking my time getting ready, I wanted to make sure I looked my best. Cordova boys were ok and all, but it was about time I widened the field a little, you never know when a new ‘friendship’ might come in handy. I looked in the mirror for the final time, my lace dress clung in just the right places. Perfect.

The party was being held in an unused room hidden within the east wing and as I approached I realised someone must have used the Muffliato charm. I couldn’t hear any noise at all, that was until the door opened spilling out loud music, laughter and Vans grinning face. “Neve!” he said. “I almost thought you weren’t coming.”

“Been waiting for me?” I asked, turning my most seductive smile on him. I’d not thought of Van in /that/ way for a long time but there was a certain charm to his sparkling eyes tonight.

“Erm, well, not exactly” said Van, his eyes looking past me and over my shoulder. I thought he was joking until I heard the soft approaching clip-clop of heels. I turned to see who it was and had to blink back my surprise. Surely Van couldn’t be waiting for that Willow girl, but as she joined us his face almost shone with glee.

“Van, you’re kidding right?” I sneered. “I mean, I know she’s in Arborvitae too, but seriously, you don’t need to scrape the barrel /that/ hard”. Willow didn’t say a word; she simply glared at me with far more confidence than I thought her capable of. Van broke the awkward silence. “Well, we’ll be seeing you Neve” he said, taking hold of Willows arm and guiding her in. It took me a moment to recover from my astonishment. First Bertrand, now Van, I didn’t know what was going on - but I was going to have to put a stop to it. 

The room was crowded with a mixture of Cordova students and those of the visiting schools. I quickly spotted the girls chatting over in the far corner and began to navigate between the throngs of dancing couples. I waved as I got nearer and made to swerve a particularly large Durmstrang boy just as I felt a sharp tap on my back. Urgh, Art.

“I know what you did Neve” She said sternly. I replied calmly. “I have absolutely no idea what you’re prattling on about Artemis.” In truth I really didn’t... until I spied Sadie standing behind her.

“ Leave it Art” said Sadie quietly “She’s not worth it”. Artemis turned to leave compliantly, I ignored her and focused on little Miss Vanderville.

“Not worth it, NOT WORTH IT?” I spat as I shouted “I’m worth ten of you, you pathetic moron.” I expected her to back away when I raised by voice but instead she moved closer, reaching into her bag. “Oh no” I laughed, grabbing my wand at the same time “That’s not how it works... FURNUNCULUS!” I shouted, sending a curse in her direction that would cover her face in grotesque boils. 

“Not today Neve” said Sadie, her wand waving as she easily knocked away the spell. I tried again this time with a fur growing spell but Sadie repelled my attack once more. I narrowed my eyes and moved to send a third jinx.

“We all know why you’re like this” said Sadie, her voice remaining cool.

“You know nothing at all about me, Vanderville” I responded.

“You’re wrong” she spoke . “"I know why you're such a b.itch all the time Nevelyn. And why you’re targeting me. It has nothing to do with me, does it? It just has to do with the fact that I got picked and you didn't. But it wouldn't matter if it was me, or one of your friends, or some random person. It just matters that I took away your only chance to rise above your sister. Isn't that right Nevelyn?" 

My stomach twisted, how dare she. “FUNUNCULUS!” I yelled but Sadie was prepared. “PROTEGO!” she shouted in reply. The room gasped as I flew back with the force of her shield. I heaved heavily as I landed, all the air in my lungs escaping. Someone sniggered above me and in seconds the whole room, who had obviously witnessed the entire exchange, began to join in. 

I could feel the skin of my cheeks tightening and I slowly raised my hand gingerly. My face was covered in hard lumps that were getting bigger and hotter until I could no longer open my mouth to speak. I tried to to push myself up but Sadie was stood over me, blocking the way.

"I'm stronger than you think Nevelyn. Don't underestimate me” she said with a smile before turning her back to me. Students were already gathering around, fawning over her. “That was awesome Sadie” remarked a female voice. I didn’t stop to see who it was. I grabbed my bag and ran, faster than I had ever run before and I didn’t stop until the tears streaming down my face overwhelmed me.
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