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"As much as i love shopping i hate it at the same time." Evie said seriously as we looked around the shop. It was getting busy thanks to the Christmas rush.

 "Is that because you have so many boy toys you don't know who to buy for?" I teased with a grin.

 "I believe you're confusing me with Holly." She retorted with an eye roll. While it was true Holly had more guys then the rest of us , Evie wasn't far behind.

 "Oh, don't worry i know Holly is much more of a man eater than you."I laughed while picking up a shirt that i had been starring at. It was adorable.

 "Is that suppose to make me feel better?" She asked dryly.

"It was meant to." I nodding looking at the shirts price tag and wrinkling my nose "But i am assuming it didn't." I said looking up at a scowling Evie. 

 "Was it that obvious?" she asked sarcastically. "Must have been for me to notice." I joked.

"I see you got jokes today Lou Lou."Evie said , I rolled my eyes god i hated that nickname. Apparently my dislike was noticed cause Evie was smirking at me.

 "What is with you and giving people ridiculous nicknames?" I asked raising an eyebrow. Lou was already a nickname , couldn't people just use that.

 "I have no idea what you're talking about." She shrugged feigning innocence."I would never do such a thing." She added picking up a shirt , i assume was for Benny.

"Of course you wouldn't." I said rolling my eyes. 

 "Are you going to buy that?" I said nodding me head towards the shirt she picked. She nodded "Yeah i think Benny will like it."

"You sure you don't want to confirm that with Holly?" I questioned with a grin, "She has been spending quite a bit of time with him."

 She rolled my eyes, "And? That means what?"

 "Oh nothing." I shrugged, "Holly just might be able to help you pick something out for Benny."

 She scoffed, "I think i know what to get my brother." 

"You would think that but brothers are just.." I said shaking my word lacking a word that fit. Well one that didn't sound mean or rude. 

 "Brothers." she said nodding understanding "How is your brother? Liam?"

 "Lachlan and honestly i have no idea. He changes moods quickly , it's hard to keep up."

"Yeah i know how that is."She nodding her head. I am glad i am not the only one who has to deal with younger brothers.

 "How did you keep up with Benny?" I asked. Lachlan was one thing but Benny was in another league , atleast from what i remember and i mean he would have to be to keep up with Holly.

She laughed , apparently it was a humorous situation "It involved a lot of threatening on my end and promises to hit him every time he got rude." 

 "And that worked?"I asked skeptically while raising an eyebrow. 

 "Yeah." She shrugged, "But Benny was a very difficult teenager and from what little i know of your brother he doesn't seem anything at all like Benny."She added, "So i wouldn't go around threatening him just yet."

"Hmm. It sounds pretty tempting to be honest." I said scrunching my face i pulled out a dress and looked it over.

 "Well even though i don't know much about your brother i am pretty sure that isn't his colour." Evie said nudging her towards the dress giggling.

"Not at all." I giggled, "Are you done here? Because i'm starving." I added putting the dress back.

 "Yeah." She said nodding her head , "Just let me go pay for this."

 "Alright i'll wait for you outside." I said, "Be fast Everleigh." I added with a smirk while she cringed at the mention of her full name. Revenge is sweet.

 "Of course Lou Lou." She said back. I shook my head again with the Lou Lou.
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