The Thoughts That Give Me The Creeps// Hellogoodbye

Love this song although it reminds me of furniture stores since it was on the playlist I listened too while we were boringly furniture shopping lol.

Okay now I'm just gonna start ranting since I hate everyone. 

I am sick and tired of b*tches trying to tell me what to f*cking do and acting like if they b*tch at me enough I will change my mind.
I have a right to my own opinion and if you don't like it then stfu and gtfo. I didn't tell you to like it and if you don't you don't have to be immature about it and complain all day. The more you fight and I explain myself and then you fight back more just gets us nowhere and makes you all look dumb.

I didn't do sh*t to you, you, you, and all the rest of you and if you wanna complain about nothing like the butthurt little c*nts you are well, too bad, idgaf. 

Some people take the littlest crap up the a** like it's the most terrible thing in the world. Complaining about how my words are gonna hurt people and I don't know sh*t. I do know sh*t, I wasn't born yesterday, and no one is gonna care about what I say, because I am just someone you don't know over the internet and why would you let a stranger's words hurt you? They know nothing about you so when they assume things about you, people get all butthurt over nothing. This is why all of your trolling, b*tching and hating means nothing to me because you don't know me, I don't know you, and all of your assumptions don't mean sh*t because I know the truth and you don't.

Purposely commenting on my sets, telling me how badly they suck just because you are mad, doesn't hurt me one bit. You know what it does? It makes you all look like dumb f*cks.
Good day

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