river by joni mitchell
pepper reid
education in revolution

wednesday november 14th; 

I walked into Coffee Cup, my favorite cafe, to meet Dane. 

I wore a floral dress with flats and a black wool pullover overtop of the dress. 

After our kiss on saturday, we hadn't really seen each other. He called me and asked me out for coffee. 

I hadn't talked to Wren either, although he had tried to call me a few times. I was completely avoiding him. 

I saw him and his eyes immediately clicked with mine. I skipped over to the table against the window and sat down in front of him. 

"Hi." I smiled. 

"You look beautiful." he replied. 

I blushed, then attempted to change the subject. "So what's up?" 

"Not much, but I've been thinking about you since that night." 

"I've been thinking about you too." I repeated, feeling self-conscious.

"Would you consider going on a real date with me? A fancy one?" he asked.

"You mean like a saturday night, at some four star Italian restaurant?" I giggled, acting like a kid. 

He nodded and laughed as well.

"I'd love to." I said. 

He took my hand and kissed it. We stayed at the coffee shop for a while, talking and laughing and eating and drinking coffee.

saturday november 24th;

Our date last saturday had gone extremely well. Dane was so sweet and funny.

Ever since then we have been inseparable. Tonight we were going out again, to a new indie movie in the theater. However, as I was getting ready, I got a call from home.

"Pepper, honey," my mom questioned through the phone.

"Hi mom. Why are you calling?" 

"It's Chloe. You need to talk to her. She's gone crazy. Dying her hair, changing her style, she has completely dropped violin, skipping class. I don't know what to do with her now." Mom sighed.

"Pass her the phone." I said. "I wanna talk to her." 

I heard the New York floor creek as my mom walked from her room to my sister's. Then she opened the door, and paused. "Oh no." she mumbled. 

"What?" I yelled into the phone.

"She's gone. Her window is open. Chloe?" she screamed and ran through the house. 

"Mom? Go find her. And call me back later, please! Does she have a boyfriend, is she with a friend or something?" I said before my mom hung up.

I was freaking out. And it got me thinking too, I hasn't been spending nearly as much time with Chloe as I should have been. She is all alone with my parents, and she must need someone to talk to.

I paced across the room, waiting for the call. 

Two hours later, after many unanswered calls to my parents, texts to my siblings, it was already 9pm.

Someone knocked on the front door and I ran to get it. 

I opened the door and Dane was standing there. "Oh my god." I put my hand to my mouth. "I can't believe it."

"You stood me up." he said. 

"I'm so sorry, there's a lot going on right now." I broke into tears.

"Whoa, are you okay?" he came in closer.

"My sister, Chloe, ran away. No one has found her yet." I said, in his arms.

We walked over to the couch and cuddled by the phone. 

"It's going to be okay." he pushed the hair out of my face and kissed my forehead.

We waited and waited until finally I got a call. 

"Mom?" I said, panicked, into the phone. 

"We found her, she's in the hospital now." she said monotone.

"What? Why?" I shouted into the phone. 

"She overdosed on drugs and thankfully someone found her in time." my mom began to cry.

I was breathing heavily, so scared for my sister. 

"Thankfully, the doctor said she's going to be okay because the drugs weren't severe." my mom said before she left.

I sighed, and cried. Dane took my hand and brought me to my room, where he tucked me into my bed. 

He kissed my cheek and held onto my hand. He was about to leave when I pulled him back. "Will you stay with me?" I asked. 

"Sure." he laid down in bed next to me and put his arm around me close. 

We were quiet, and we just looked up, and then, somehow, we started kissing. We kissed a lot, then slowly removed each others clothes. Before I knew it, we were naked on my bed having s-ex for the first time together. 


sunday november 25th;

I woke up laying next to Dane, completely naked. I pulled up the sheets, hiding most of my bare body. I guess this woke him up, because he lifted his eyes and looked up at me. "Good morning beautiful." he said with a raspy morning voice as he kisses my cheek. 

"Morning." I said and squirmed under the sheets.

Last night was amazing, but I felt like he would think that all I care about was the s-ex. That wasn't true, but after only have been going out for a week and a half, it was extremely soon. On the other hand, the moment was so right. 

I told myself that it was all okay and that this was normal nowadays. And it helped, until Spencer walked in the room. 

"Holy sh-" she yelled and covered her mouth. 

I froze and pulled up the sheets to my neck while Dane slowly slid under the sheets. 

She left in a hurry, not wanting to see anymore. 

"What was that all about?" I asked Dane as I put my clothes on. 

"I'm not really sure." he said. 

I was extremely surprised that she reacted like that. I mean, she knew the two of us were going out. 

Something felt wrong. 

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