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❖ Aoife MacMahon
age: 19
from: dublin, ireland
status: daughter of the president of the republic of ireland
Aoife, Aoife, Aoife, the tabloids' sweetheart. From the very young and tender age of 16, Aoife has been spotted too many times wearing the same ripped-up tights. When she was younger, Aoife was a pianist - quite a virtuoso, in fact. After her parents divorced, she became rebellious. She's quite a free spirit, too. Her parents are now doubly concerned for her. Not only is she now caught by paparazzi when she parties, but as a young girl, it was discovered that Aoife suffered from quite a rare affliction: hyperthymesia. Unable to forget anything she sees, Aoife finds her alliances constantly shifting. Sometimes, she sells out girls she hates to the paparazzi, but her talent (or disease) has a more practical application as well - gathering political information. Though she hates her parents, she supports her father and would never want to see him fail. However, she's unlikely to share news of this "ability" with anyone she knows. Already daughter of a semi-prominent politician, the last thing Aoife can afford is another reason people might want to use her. So for now, the world will go on thinking that troubled, trouble Aoife is a girl who drinks to forget all her worries. Little do they know that she can never forget.
model: brynja jonbjarnardottir


Ugh. It's Aoife. A-o-i-f-e, and don't forget it.

Later, losers.


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