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Part One (in the third person tense):
"It sure is a beautiful day here in London." One American announcer, the male, declares. His female counterpart agrees. "The weather is perfect sunshine. Not that the gymnastics complex gets any, though!" Their slow banter eases into a discussion of the events about to begin. As expected, the American team gets the majority of attention, from a hasty summary of their 'weakest link' to their half hour description of the 'powerhouses'.

"So, Richard, I heard earlier little Jenny Phelps, younger sister to Michael Phelps, yes, that's right, the swimmer, would be competing in the second spot for Team USA."

"That's absolutely correct Erica. The first spot is occupied by none other than the incredible Georgina, or Barbie, Wright. She's the favorite to win." The two chatter on for a while longer, discussing stats and wins and routines. At exactly two pm Greenwich Mean Time, the screen switches to the view inside the arena. The cameras pan over the sometimes eager, sometimes nervous faces of the young gymnasts.

The Chinese delegation were trading vocal routine walkthroughs in their native Mandarin, and the Russians were doing inhuman stretches to prepare for the challenge ahead. On the last bench, the Americans, Jenny Phelps and Barbie Wright sat, still in their Team USA cover up gear.

There were no coaches, or parents for that matter, surrounding the two as they shared a bag of cheesy poofs, talking in low murmurs to each other. They gave off an air of aloofness, and confidence, calm in the sea of activity.

A tall, perhaps Italian, man wearing the uniform of an American coach descended on the pair. He snatched the junk food from Jenny and banished her to the bathroom, most likely to empty her stomach before performing. He gave Georgina a disappearing glare she shrugged off and turned to follow his trainee. Georgina was alone, and the commentators caught it.

"Erica, is it true that not only is Georgina Wright known as Barbie, but as the 'only parentless gymnast' too?" The male asked.

Erica took a minute to respond, perhaps touching up on Wright's wikipedia page. "Yes, Richard. Barbie Wright is known for the fact that her parents have not come to an elite match, ever. That would be difficult for any other in the sport known for it's 'helicopter parents', but Wright just powers through."

On the bench, Barbie is just beginning her stretches when a more subdued Jenny comes back and joins her. The two are still silent in the sea of noise, perhaps not wanting to miss a minute of the announcements. And indeed, they're both the first to look up and see the event orders. Vault, floor, beam, and bars, the definitive four. Jenny is first in nearly all events, followed by alternating Russians and Chinese, then her teammate.

Jenny gives a small smile to Georgina and slips out of her jacket, revealing the spangled, bloodred leotard of Team USA. With slow steps, she moves over to the vault floor, glancing over her shoulder at the crowd every so often, her pink lips in their trademark pout and her face lit with confidence.

"So, Richard, as we know, Jenny is doing a Yurchenko vault, the Cheng Fei, but what precisely is a Cheng Fei?"

"Well Erica, according to my notes, a Cheng Fei involves a roundoff and back handspring with half turn entry and a front straight somersault with 1½ twist. It's a complex vault, and if you performs well she can score major points."

On the floor, the officials adjust the board as a subdued Jenny mentally runs through her routine, her cocky smile not fading, even as the officials back away and beckon her over. It's time for the very first competitor in the very first event. She gets her running start amidst cheers, the commentators pointing out her entry, and then the somersault. She lands, albeit a few inches off, and shakily, and when her score comes in she's certainly lost points, but her smile never falters. For now, she's in first.

"Our next vaulter is the very talented Russian national champion, Viktoria Komova. She will be performing the second hardest vault in competition, the incredible Podkopayeva. It's not in my notes, so Erica, can you tell us what a Podkopayeva is?"

"Oh, definitely. This has been on of my favorite vaults for quite a while. I saw Miss Komova performing it in warm up, and it is stunning. The Podkopayeva involves a roundoff and back handspring with half turn entry, which is the very same entry we saw from Miss Phelps a moment ago, and front pike somersault with ½ twist. A beautiful, beautiful vault."

Viktoria sheds her red and white Russian jacket and gives her teammate a nervous smile while the officials readjust the board for her, waving to the crowd, murmuring in Russian under her breath. She smiles a final time and her face hardens into a mask of concentration when the officials pull away. She takes off running, her entry flawlessly identical to Jenny's. Her landing is slightly shaky, but her major flaw came from leaving her hands on the vault table too long, and she too loses points. However, her starting score was higher and she takes the lead over Jenny with a smirk. The camera zooms in on Jenny's irritated expression.

"It seemed perhaps Miss Komova was off her game today, hopefully our next vaulter will be able to show us a near perfect score. And she is Yang Yilin, of China, with a Khorkina vault."

"The Khorkina involves a roundoff and back handspring with half turn entry, the same entry we've seen from Komova and Phelps now, and a front tuck somersault with 1½ twist."

The Chinese, like The Russians, have nervous smiles and waves for the crowd as Yang takes her place to wait for the officials, not offering any sort of expression but determination. The board setting appears to take much longer, but the she's off, her entry not distinguishable from that of her predecessors. Her somersault is flawless, but she nearly falls to the mat on her landing, wincing, and she loses major points, placing her in third. Viktoria and Jenny are smirking as her coach berates her.

The event is halfway through and there's one more close up on the remaining three gymnasts before the network cuts to a commercial break. It returns quickly, and the commentary starts back up immediately.

"Oh, this is very interesting Richard. The next vaulter, Russia's Aliya Mustafina, is also doing a Khorkina, the very vault we just saw performed. Remind us, what does a Khorkina entail?"

"Sure, Erica. A Khorkina has a roundoff and back handspring with half turn entry and front tuck somersault with 1½ twist. A world class vault."

Aliya, on the floor, is a much more relaxed picture than her teammate or predecessor, with a cocky smile equivalent to that of Jenny Phelps. She watches the officials adjusting the board, murmuring to herself, and waving to the crowd, like Viktoria before her. Her running start begins to cheers, and her entry is identically flawless to those before her. Her somersault leaves several in the audience gasping, and she lands cleanly. Like her teammate, she let her fingertips linger on the vault table too long, but that is the only place she loses points, emerging in first with a near perfect score. The rankings flash on screen and place her first, Komova second, Phelps third, and Yilin fourth.

"The ratings are as expected, yes? Looking to change that now is our second to final vault, by the very controversial He Kexin. In Beijing Miss Kexin was the subject of allegations of being underage at the time of the Olympics. Well, those were cleared, and she is here today to perform a Double twisting Yurchenko. What exactly is that?"

"A Double twisting Yurchenko has a roundoff and backhandspring entry, which we have yet to see in today's competition, and double twisting layout, another move we will be seeing for the first time."

He, on the vault floor, is the picture of concentration, in a way none of the others before her reached. She stretches a few times, and jogs in place, her face a mask of hard determination. When the officials back away, she twitches slightly as if anxious to start, and breaks into her run suddenly. Her vault is over in a few quick moments, losing points on her landing and putting her in third. Jenny is absolutely no longer smiling.

"And, now, our last vault of the day, from the favorite, American Georgina Wright. She performed this vault at the 2011 World Championship, where it earned her the gold. She's certainly going to knock someone down a few places."

"Yes, Barbie is performing the Amanar, one of the most difficult vaults in the world and the highest start value in competition. This vault has been performed successfully in competition by less than twenty athletes. It involves a roundoff and back handspring entry, which we saw from China's He Kexin, and, the difficult part, two and a half twists in the backward salto."

Georgina looks completely unconcerned with the difficulty of her vault, mouthing to Jenny and grinning. It becomes clear to several viewers the two are singing Call Me Maybe back and forth as the officials prepare Georgina's board. When the nod comes, the two stop and Georgina becomes someone else entirely, sprinting down the long path to the board and her flawless entry. She lingers in the air performing her twists, almost as if she's stopped time. The stadium is almost completely silent. When she lands, near perfectly, a roaring cheer erupts, and she smiles once, walking with her head down to her teammate. Her score is posted, and it's expected. Almost a perfect score.

The commentators banter on the expectations for floor and then flash the standings on score, which are that point in competition, are certainly not final. In first is Georgina Wright, followed by Aliya Mustafina, Viktoria Komova, He Kexin, Jenny Phelps, and Yang Yilin. All the scores are close, but both Yilin and Wright are outliers.

The network cuts to a commercial break. In an unplanned and unexpected turn of events the network cuts the floor exercise portion of competition from the live stream in favor of a mens' event final. When they return to a close up as the athletes prepare for floor, the scores flash on screen, and they've changed.

Georgina still holds the lead but Viktoria has taken second over Aliya, placing her third, and Jenny has pushed He to fifth, taking fourth. Yang hasn't moved from her place in sixth, and there's a shot of her sobbing in her coach's arms.

Part Two (also in the third person) and Part Three will be uploaded tomorrow, August 24th, 2012.

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