~Katie Herzig, Beautiful Inside {funny because the character I'm trying out for is so vain}


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Waverly Alexander
From: Dubai, Arabia 
Age: 18
Likes: Drinking, beauty, makeup, getting her way, her hair, herself
Dislikes: Other people, being unlucky, animals, her family
Waverly is a beautiful girl with strangely beautiful features and legs that go on for miles. Her goal is to become a model. She's so gorgeous, she just might be able to do it. Unfortunately, Waverly throws temper tantrums that would put even the best models to shame. Nobody will hire a random girl with an attitude like Waverly's. She thinks she's the best, the brightest, and the most beautiful girl. All that ego just makes her a whole lot uglier. Waverly might be smart, but she has dyslexia. She's very hard on herself because of it, but she won't let it stop her from getting to the top. Not only that, but her attention span is that of a five-year-old sometimes thanks to her mild case of ADD. Prone to getting into fights, she's quite the drama queen, willing to misinterpret anyone's words just so she can get more attention. She also spreads rumors about others, just because she can. The worst part is that people believe her. She can lie with such conviction that everyone believes it's true. She doesn't talk about her family, but she has two younger siblings, both of whom are still at home, jealous of her. Her parents didn't love her the best, because she was the oldest. Constantly trying to stand out in a family full of attention-getting little girls, she worked hard at school, despite her dyslexia. She doesn't care about education; she just cares about getting attention in her family and her school. All she really wants to do is be on the catwalk, but first, she has to stop with the catfights.
Model: Anais Pouliot 
Taken by: hopefully @luxecouture 

1. Waverly
2. Chelsea
3. Karmen
4. Bitsy
5. Sapphire

What is your family life like? 
-Interesting question to ask someone who doesn’t particularly like their family! But I will answer, just because this is an interview and I have to practice since I’m going to be a famous supermodel some day. Well anyway, my family life is boring and stupid and almost nonexistent because I barely pay attention to them anymore, especially now that I don’t live with them. My parents love my little twin sisters more than me, it’s quite obvious, and I think they may even like our pet dog ChiChi better than me, too. But I don’t really care anymore, it’s their loss. When I’m making millions of dollars, they’ll see who doesn’t thank them for anything. Maybe that’s harsh, but you don’t know my family. And besides, it’s not like I tell it to their face. I’m pleasant enough when I have to see them, and they act the same way in return. Though I’m a better actress than them and you can see through their faux-love like a shiny soap bubble. [And by the way, if you publish what I just said or repeat it to anyone, I sue you.]
Why did you come to Venice?
-As if I didn’t already establish this? To get away from my family who doesn’t want me and to try to launch my modeling career. I’m sure someone will discover me soon because hello, look at me! I’m not vain, okay. I’m just honest. And anyone you ask on the street would agree: I’m gorgeous and my naturally fair skin and dark hair and eyes make me even more pretty because I look like someone from a fairy tale, not someone from Dubai. Yes, I said a fairy tale. Haven’t you ever seen a Disney movie? I could play Snow White way better than that Lily Collins any day. And I’ve also been told I would make a perfect Belle. I can’t help but agree with people. Especially when they’re right. I mean, why disagree with someone that says you’re beautiful? Anyway, what was the question again? Right, right. Venice. Well, it’s a pretty city of course. Pretty people (though not as pretty as me). And I’ve always wanted to go to one of those masquerade balls and wear this elaborate purple mask and be like Hilary Duff in A Cinderella Story, you know? Oh, because Venice is known for masquerade balls, duh. Yes, I am smart /and/ pretty. That’s probably why my family hates me, they’re just jealous.
Do you like it?
-Yeah, I mean, it’s Venice. I’d never been here before this year, but it’s got a nice atmosphere, not as crazy and hectic as Dubai. Don’t get me wrong, I did like Dubai well enough, but Venice is so much more… Um, like, glamorous? That’s why I know I can get a modeling job here. That and because of my natural beauty, which you’ve noticed by now. Venice also has amazing food, though I like tasting the drinks more. Have you ever tried… what’s it called… some famous Venetian something… Well, whatever it was, it was amazing. I tried some on this wine tasting tour I went on and they didn’t even ask how old I was! Must’ve been my alluring aura. 
What's your talent? 
-I have too many to list, clearly. But number one is modeling of course, then shopping, then styling my hair into this intricate and lovely little fishtail braid/bun thing, and I can make this really good pouty face, I used it for my portfolio and let me tell you, it’s going to blow Vogue Italia away. But I guess I can act, too. I mean, modeling and acting kinda go together, you know? Actually, what would you know? Forget I asked you anything; you’re not a model like moi.
What's your biggest fear?
-That everyone will make fun of me for my dyslexia (I used to spell check to write the whole thing). BUT YOU CANNOT TELL ANYONE THAT. Because Waverly Alexander does not /ever/ let people make fun of her. People of afraid of me because they know I can just turn whatever they say into something else and tell everyone else about it so that everyone else makes fun of /them/, you know what I mean? It’s like I have this power over them, I’m like a queen… See, I could probably be Julia Roberts in Snow White, too. They should just cancel that movie and redo it with me in it. It makes perfect sense to me. Oh, I have ADD too apparently, but I don’t really think anyone knows, it’s not really that obvious anyway. 
What quote describes you?
- “You are your own judge. The verdict is up to you.”  by Astrid Alauda because… Actually, I’m not going to explain it you, you figure it out yourself and see just how smart you are. Or dumb, because you could interpret it completely wrong as well.
What are three things to have with you at all times? Why?
-My phone, my compact, and my sparkle lotion. I have to have my phone because people call me /all/ the time, I mean, I am demanded by lots of agents and friends and like everyone. They all want to talk to me. And I have my iPod and my email on my phone, too, so I use it for that too. I have the best music taste ever so my friends are always borrowing it, and then my email is just flooded with messages from so many different people. I’m in high demand, like I said. As for my compact, I need that because it has a mirror. I need the mirror too make sure I look absolutely perfect at all times. Of course, nearly every time I check it, I look stunning, I mean, someone like me doesn’t ever look necessarily /ugly/. Okay, okay, I’m just flattering myself now… But really, I need my mirror. Lastly, my sparkle lotion is a must because it leaves my skin looking better than Edward Cullen’s and it leaves me feeling as smooth as butter. It’s a two-in-one really. And it attracts the male specimen too; they can’t get enough of a sparkly model. 
How are you feeling at this /very/ moment?
-Beautiful. Because I am and this is kinda fun, I love talking about myself! It’s not that obvious, right? I mean, how many times have I said ‘I’ or ‘me’ in the last five minutes? Probably less than one thousand and that’s really low for me. Honest.
As yourself:
Will you be active? 
-I will try my very very best! But once school starts back up I may only be able to make sets on the weekends or maybe once during the week days. Though somehow I always make time for Polyvore… but I should be more focused on school, it’s my final semester of high school after all!
Why should we choose you for the part? 
-BECAUSE I AM AWESOME. Hahaha well because I’ve fallen in love with Waverly, it’s quite fun to be really vain and have ADD and think you’re the most amazing thing since popped corn… Yes, I really just said since popped corn instead of sliced bread. Basically I had a lot fun writing this and making this set, I think Anais is perfect because she looks so sweet and not vain... ANYWAY, I love all three of you mods @istylista @akafashionqueen @the-clary-project and if you give me the part, I will love you even more (if that’s possible) <3
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