Slowly I ascended from the tree, colasping into a pit of leaves. The air was clean and crisp. I couldn't help to smile, showing dimples.

"Almond!" Ellie gasped ,wanting to cease my good time " Your socks! They were expensive, but you ruined them!" Ellie hung onto a limb, looking at me in astonishment as if SHE was mother. 

"What? They are ugly. I threw em on cause these shorts are cute." I bit my lip slowly. Leonis but his hands on my shoulders. I was happy and scared . For a second I wanted to snuggle him down, them I wanted to push him in a pit.

Ellie jumped down, brushing her think knees. " Leonis, wanna me ta show ya somewhere REALLY fun?" I looked at Ellie, as Leonis' drapped hands fell off me.

Ellie practically grabbed him away from me. She quickly held his hand, as they walked away from me. Last she winced.


"OH MY GOSH!" I scaremed down the corridors. I yelped as I saw Adina and her friends sit in the corern, exchanging marajuana cigarettes. They giggled and whispered to each other.

"That looks like fun." i said pointing my hand at the joint. Adina's wrinkley dress turned to me, as she opened her mouth breathless. I dropped my books, and joined the corner.

"BEAUTIFUL." said one girl, as she held it up for me. I placed it on my lips trembling. I coughed a bit and threw it on the ground. Imeaditantely the girl picked it back up, and puffed on it, flawlessy.

"OH COOL." Ellie. She kissed on of the girls and looked at me, smiling.
everyone on polyvore.

everyone on polyvore.

Biggest and most popular group on Polyvore, EOP is the group to join if you want your sets featured and seen.

Trendy Bitches

Trendy Bitches

EVERYONE is welcome here! This group is all about you feel free to submit any sets you want in any style...just let your imagination impress us with your unique, hot, sexy, trashy, casual, bohemian style, etc...just let your imagination fly away :)
There will be lots of contest coming soon. There will also be a set of the day that we will announce and you have the chance to fave and comment don’t hesitate to submit all the sets you want...thank you girls...let the contest begin!!! :D
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