I have a new sexy jacket~
exuse the hair, been raving with my pa
& exuse the face.
bad genes and that.
yeh i got a new sexy jacket & it's so fucking amazing forealbro.
It cost's £70 (70 pouns in english bro)
& let me just go convert that shit.
google tells me it's
114.15600 U.S. dollars
but it's so sexy
my ma bought me it cause I've been doing awesome in school
(lol kay I wonna be a midwife I have to get 5 GCSE'S so I need to get good grade's)
We've done 3 science GCSE's (out of 9 oh & GCSE are final exams) & I got:
Biology - A
Chemistry - B
Physics - C
lol yes.
that's all good
& she got me a contract sim card.
free internet calls and text bitchuz
my dad gave me £5O 
what even.
I'm so fucking rich right now okay?
lol I'm going to get my nails done cause they're so ugly 
& buy a new oversized hoodie cause my last one has a knife mark on it from physco guy that tried to stab me and mah friend when drunk (he eneded up punching a wall and smashing his knuckles up yeh)
& lot's and lot's of blood on it from fights and that
but yeh
I need a new one
& I need to buy a cover for my phone cause I don't want it anymore scratched.
& I might buy some more fish cause I want some.
bye bro

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