lol fugleeeh bb
not brushed my hair. you mad?

Yeah. I just washed my hair an hour ago & I’ve had it wrapped in a towel on the top of my head and I always found it facinating how my hair always falls in place on its own. But it’s all lugy. Oh & I never get kinks in it when it’s been up in a ponytail too. crazy shit bro. You can really see my double crown there. My mum gives me all the shit stuff. Foreal bro. Double Crown. Asthma. Freaky Feet.

omfg doon’t get me started bb.

listening to Candy chop yuh?
then in the one with ear phone's
like a G6 - T-mix

this is completley pointless I just had the urge to ramble

Top; River Island - £30
I only had my underwear on underneath
that's why it's only mah top half
cause it's my night clothes
& it's 1 am soooo... yeh

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