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I twisted my hands and sighed, reading the answer once more. Everything seemed to be in order. My last exam was going well and I would be surprised if I didn't get good marks. I still had a while left so I looked around the room. People were feverishly scribbling away, pausing only to scratch their heads with the end of their pens, or to surreptitously look sideways at their oblivious neighbours.

I smirked when I saw that was exactly the case between a certain pair. Ava was writing very quickly, quite unaware of the world, and unaware especially of a certain boy who was staring at her longingly. I had seen the two of them very chatty around the corridors. Maybe he could be of assistance in making my way to Jason's heart. A little jealousy is bad for any relationship no matter how strong.

Even the thought of boys couldn't alleviate my restless mind. I sighed once more and buried my face in my arms. My eyes were heavy and the musty air was making me drowsy. I could feel my mind drifting, floating numbly on a cloud.

From the comfortable darkness, psychedelic patterns formed before my eyes. I smiled ruefully at the fact that I wasn't even on drugs today. Then they faded to black once more.

"How could you?" the hysteric voice screamed. It was very familiar.
The blonde haired girl cowered and slinked away.
"You were my best friend! How could you?" The girl was sobbing now and she seemed to speaking through a lot of pain.
"It wasn't her fault." A voice came from behind.
The hoarse voice was restrained but there was a strange amount of emotion present in it.
"You," the sobbing girl had turned to him, "and you could do this to ME?"
The figures were now facing each other. It was very dim, like actors secretly practicing on the stage for a big performance. Suddenly someone shone a spotlight on the newcomer, illuminating his grim features, revealing a tragically handsome face.

"Ellie, are you okay?"
The invigilator's face was peering into mine. I scrambled up to see my papers scattered around my desk and a number of eyes curiously rested on my face.
"Of course, why what happened?" I said shocked at the how raspy my voice sounded. I stood up to collect the dispersed answer sheets and was glad when a number of hands helped me.
"You just shouted out," the invigilator said, "do you want to go the nurse?"
"Of course not. I'm done with the exam," I thrust my recovered paper into his hands and proceeded to leave.

Back in the dorm I fiddled with the door to open it. It seemed to be stuck. When I finally pushed it open I realized why it had been difficult to push through. A thick letter had been stuffed through the creaks. Annoyed, I tore it open and threw its contents on the floor.

It contained what looked liked some sort of legal papers shredded and a hand written letter. I picked it up to see a hasty, careless scrawl.

When I had read the first two lines my extremities seemed to loose control and the letter fell from my hands on the floor, landing partially under my bed. From below there I could read the exposed lines.

Dearest Ellie,

I'm back and I need to speak to you...

"Hey, how was the test?"
I hastily kicked the letter so that it completely slid under the bed.
"Hey Sienna," I smiled at her as she gracefully sauntered in.
"What's up, you look worried?"
"Yeah, I have to go somewhere. My cousin, she's sick. I have to go to Albuquerque-"
"Oh that sucks, for how long?"
"About a week. I'll be back soon, okay?"
"Right, hey what's this?" Her eyes had fallen on the shredded mess of papers on the floor. I seized them before she could and stuffed them in my bag.
"That was some sh*t I have to throw away, nothing important."
She looked at me suspiciously and said slowly, "Ellie I hope you're not doing anything too illegal and punishable under the law of USA."
I laughed. She had no idea.


Good people of TBM I have an exam on the 28th and I need to do some heavy gauge revision, so you may not see much of me the next week.
So let's just say Ellie took a trip somewhere you don't know about. LOTS OF DRAMA PEOPLE.

Also I need a dude for this purpose, His bio goes thusly,

▲ Charles 'Chuck' Lawrence (Hugh Dancy) 21
 Foreign exchange student from London. He's very friendly and nice and incredibly idealistic. he can often be found organizing peaceful rallies since he was a figure of the same in Cambridge. His dad is some sort of Lord in England and he tries his best to keep that quiet. Is that all he's trying to keep under wraps?
--> Secretly married to Ellie. [Yes you read that correctly.]

Please do not include him in your stories yet. He is yet to arrive. By next week people.
Also don't kick me out...(:
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Wrote 6 years ago
what's hotter than freja???? eugen bauder!!! Great set!!!!

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It is so strong.... beautiful work!

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fab!! love the dress!

Wrote 6 years ago
[wow. i love this story.]





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