Oliver Maxwell Harrison ~

Name; Oliver Maxwell Harrison
Nicknames; Ollie
Age; Fifteen
- - - - - - - - - -
P.O.B - Washington, D.C.
Biography; Oliver was born on a clear, blue, sunny, day at the end of October. His mother dismissed him from the start. You see, Oliver was born a crack baby, and his mother? A drug addict. His father took him back home to D.C. - just a short 45 minute drive from Richmond. You see, this story is far more complex than you could even imagine. Oliver's father Edward had married a regal bride known as Elisabeth. They were in love, for the first three years of marriage. Elisabeth broke it off and left Edward to become a gypsy in Italy. Edward was crushed, but what could he do? He tried to track her down, but it was no use. A few years later, Elisabeth showed up again. By this time, Edward was already married to another woman known as Christine. Any who - Elisabeth and Edward hit it off, and then she left the country. Christine found out about their little "rendezvous" and confronted Edward. He admitted to sleeping with Elisabeth, but assure her that she would bot become pregnant. Guess what happened. Elisabeth became pregnant. By this time, Christine was already on edge with Edward and this set them off. Christine was crushed. Edward wanted a son, for years - but Christine was unable to have children. As soon as Edward found out that Elisabeth was pregnant, he had her into his guesthouse. Several months later, the gender of the baby is announced.. a boy. Christine passed out, Edward cried, and Elisabeth could care less. She promised both parents that they could have the baby. As promised, the baby was delivered successfully, and Christine and Edward treasured and nourished baby Oliver, and still do - to this day. Oliver has grown up in an extremely wealthy family. His house overlooks the Maddison Gardens, and yet - he's just not satisfied. He doesn't know about his mother, but you all know the saying: What goes around, comes around.
Edward Amelio Harrison - Edward is currently 45 years old, and is married to the "love" of his life, Christine. They are both very successful lawyers, and work closely with the White House Cabinet.
Christine Alexander Harrison - Christine is a vision in blonde, literally. She may be blonde, however she can rip you apart. She's a high class lawyer, and only accepts the best clients from around the country. She is currently married to Edward, and they both love to spoil their son, Oliver.
- - - - -
Personality; Oliver is that kid in class, that you know is regal. Regal, that's the best word to describe Oliver. He knows that he's wealthy, yet he doesn't need to flaunt his cash to show you that he's "high class." Oliver is [Charming, Romantic, Sweet, Compassionate, Funny, Lovable, Likable, Distant, Dark, and Mysterious.]
Likes / Dislikes; Leo loves many things. He loves reading, shopping, ESPN, music, photography, talking, swimming, running, laughing, eating, and 1920's movies. He dislikes only a few things - loneliness, sluts, disappointment, and sprite.
Future Aspirations:

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Wrote three years ago
Omg this guy is so perfect. Hallelujah Jesus.


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