"I don't want the next best thing."
MALE Auditions:
Name: Oliver Samuel Morgan
Age: 28.
Why do you need a wife?: Oliver is extremely close to getting a very important promotion at work. His boss thinks he’s perfect for this new position. The only thing is that he needs someone with a normal home life to connect with clients easier. Such as a wife and kids.

Personality traits:

Bios: Growing up, Oliver didn’t really have anyone. His parents - being a pair of somewhat irresponsible teenagers - gave him up for adoption when he was just a mere infant. He was adopted at the age of 12 into a normal, quaint life. He grew up as a boring young man and continued on into his adult hood seeming to keep with his dull behaviors. Don’t get me wrong, he was a lovely conversationalist and always seemed to get along with everyone. He just always made sure to keep his distance from others and due to that, he normally gives off a dull, “don’t look at me” kind of vibe.

Truth be told, Oliver’s mind is bustling with the constant thought of traveling and adventure. He’s always been too afraid to let anyone in on these exciting thoughts or to actually do anything about it due to his fear of abandonment. He’s afraid that if he acts on his dreams, he’ll end up doing the same thing that his birth parents did to him. So, never once has he stepped out of line, always keeping to the normal path laid out for him.

Other: N/A.
Model: Matt Bomer.
Tag 3 People: (this must be done at least on 1 of your auditions)
Game Link: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=182202
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