I went to the garage few minutes ago to take the Christmas tree out of the garage so we can start decorating it, the box was pretty big and yet it took me a big while to find it. Finally I did, it was hidden behind some furniture and the box and the tree were torn apart!!! I didn't understand how could this happend until I saw this "angel face"of my dog "Olivia" and I instantly knew she was the reason for the broken tree, she is a puppy dog she's been with us since she was 40 days old and now she is just 3 months old, a baby really. She looks like the one in the pic, truly adorable yet impossible hahahaha! :)


Wrote three years ago
Gorgeous dear, the dog looks so cute!!!♥♥♥

Wrote three years ago
amazing my dear!!❤❤❤

Wrote three years ago
woow such a fantastic look dear!

Wrote three years ago
amazing dear

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